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If you stab into the dark enough times, you'll eventually hit something.

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...I start lectures tomorrow. First on the list is C Programming, yes just C - I believe we will be using a unix os although I'm not sure about what complier or editor we'll be using yet. After that its Computer systems, closely followed by Game Architecture, Design and Development. So a pretty packed day starting from 9 and ending at 5. I hope it wont be to boring.


Well, I have been spending money on behalf of some one else to get a new rig setup.

New 9800 GT, which is faster than my older super over clocked egva 8800.
Quad Core 2.4gz processor > Duel Core 2.3gz.
New dell monitor with four usb ports + vga and hdmi ports, so now I have duwl screens.
Xbox plug in via vga, pc via hdmi and a handy button to switch between them.
New XBOX + Controller.
Anyway pictures are mor fun.

giff (t)

Well at the end of the week I'll be moving out of this rented accommodation and moving into my brothers house which is in Leicester. Its about 3 hours from where I am at the moment (Horam), fortuanlly I have my psp and a new Tales Of.. game to help speed up the joruney (I wont be driving). There is of course a reason behind this move, and that is I'll be starting my Game Programming course at De Montfort University which is about 3-5 minutes from his house.

Just resigned from work, last day was sunday, and apperntly I have to come back in two weeks to sign for my final pay slip - well forget that :/ I'll have to see the manager sometime before I move and get something sorted out.

Well whatever...

In other news, I'll be joining the warhammer online beta next weekend, I brought the collectors edition from HMV back in may so I am somewhat looking forward to this.

Toolmaker - I got your message when I finished playing gh3, to late to reply :/
Its been a while but here I am again. The reason for the long wait for this update is a simple one, it's because I was working on something and wanted something to show before posting about it.

Well that was going to the be the original reason anyway. What actually happened was I spent so long working on this dead-end thing to get something "respectable" that I have decided not to take it any further (lying through my dirty, dirty teeth).

At least I did do something.

Anyway enough excesses, what I've been up to is much more interesting.

Read the rest at fallenmoon.net
(there is a video)

Rewrite Done

Yes thats right, the rewrite is done (- scripting). So what does this mean? well its means I have created a new google code page for the project where you can download a better version of the engine using svn or just downloading the rar files (featured download). The rewrite has taken so long because I have been spending a lot of time adding in xml comments so you can get help while you type and because I have added in a new feature which lets you load shaders and use them instead of fixed function pipeline.

Read the rest at fallenmoon.net


Refactoring is the process by which you spend a lot of time looking at your code and saying, "well this is rather badly put together maybe I should just change this... uh... crap no nothing works :@". It is also the current process I am going through with the game engine (formally called SharpNabla) FallenGE.

Read the rest at www.fallenmoon.net


Nothings been posted for a few days, though I have been hard at work. Having said that I have come to realize that there is a bug with delta timing, that for now, I can't be bothered to fix. For those that don't know delta time is the time it takes to do something in the grand scheme of things and it is important to the engine because its *ment to* keep things running at a steady speed on all computers. Without it people would find things like jumping imposable so it is damm important...

Visit www.fallenmoon.net to read the rest and download the project.


A basic implementation of sprites is now done. They currently have a few physics attributes, just enough to keep me happy, so they can collide with the world and react accordingly. I didn't really play on having support for physics to be honest but using vectors made things painless and it just kinda fell into code. Apart from sprites I also got a structured game class done.

Visit www.fallenmoon.net to

Texture Painting

After positing the picture viewer I noticed a bug in the code which wouldn't allow you to have more than one image, well thats now sorted (IntPtr problem) so YA! Anyway I decided to get texture painting, a new feature, implemented in to the engine, basically you lock a texture paint to it and then upload the texture again. I wanted to get this into the engine because I have and idea in the back of my head where this might come in useful.

Read more at fallenmoon.net...

Duel Contexts

One of the other reasons as to why I am changing my programming environment is that I want to be able to take advantage of the really super sweet winforms controls that you get in the flashy free express ides from Microsoft. To this end I thought it would be pretty important to be able to handle multiple OpenGL contexts and so this afternoon I spent about 20 minutes testing out the primitive code I had implemented for this (If you look through the source of the picture viewer you'll see a graphicsContext class) and I was happy to see that what I had already done didn't need that much changing...

Read more at www.fallenmoon.net...

A While

A While

The reason for the no posting is because I have no internet access at home, and still don't (posting this during college). I was told I'd have to wait 7-10 days and that was a month ago so I phoned them last Wednesday and now I should be back online this week sometime.

Gobo cave news

Well hover the holiday I started work on the UI code for the editor, and started working on the editor itself. So far the UI has textboxes, checkboxes, static windows, tabgroups, tabpages and image buttons...

Read the rest at fallenmoon.net


Yea I'm alive, I just dont't have internet access at home because BT cut my phoneline.

Gobocave news
Can't... upload... screenshots. I'm currently working on the editor and its coming along fine. You can create a new scenario, give it a name, etc. You can create a map and do stuff to that to. And finally you can edit the tileset and set some tile props.

A small engine development occured lastnight when I added a variable to the tileinfo class allowing for animated tiles. Other engine developments included a small GUI code base.



Day/Night Cycle

Once I had lighting proper I started to work on day & night cycles. Before all this the light was always on, but you wouldn't want a touch out on a nice sunny day so the first step was to make the light turn on and off, a simple enough process, however this also meant separating the light distance from the exploration distance because on a sunny day you can practically see the whole screen which means you can "explore" the whole screen and I don't want the light to fill the whole screen because a touch will only be able to light a certain area no matter what the ambient lighting is set to.

Read the rest at fallenmoon.net


Lights please !?

Lights please !?

I was board of the plan old fog system so I decided to get some form of lighting in. At the moment the system calculates the lights effect based on distance and light intensity. At the moment all light is natural white and the only color effect is from fog color but I want to be able to set the colors light directly for the warm light effect you might get from a burning camp fire.

The system will only be able to handle one light source (due to the calculations), however I am considering having a sort of light map. An idea I had was that when you create a map you can place light casters and set various values for them, such as color, and then when you save the map all lighting calculations are carried out and saved with the map.

Read the rest at fallenmoon.net





It would seem that my friend hadn't got a* working correctly so it was down to me. Before I searched the interwebs for a tutorial I tried to get it working on my own, and got oh so close. I got it all right apart from a wasn't looking through the previous, or open nodes, for a shorter path and as a result it only found the immediate shortest path :/.


Read the rest at fallenmoon.net



Well I started working on getting the enemy to attack you a while back and thankfully I think I have something that is working. When I said that I was leaning towards a behavioral system I actually lied because the balance is now more 50/50 (archetypal) this is simply because it is a lot easier to implement an archetypal system in code.

Read the rest at fallenmoon.net

Hunter, Hunted.

Hunter, Hunted.

Well its that day again, tuesday, which means I had some free time with which I did more work on the game. Once I had the parties attack system working I moved on to how other NPCs should be involved, including enemies. So far I have split the world up in to three groups; you, your allies and your enemies. When you start the game the world starts your turn and when you move your turn needs and a NextTurn is called. Next turns functionality changes a little bit based on weather or not you are in prepared combat mode, but it's basically the same. The function checks if any allies need to move and if they do it moves them, then dose the same for enemies and finally its your turn again. This means NPCs are split into two groups, good & bad, which is something I want to avoid because I want any NPCs actions to be based on behavior and not on a archetypal system. Any you can see a battle in progress below

The duel

The duel.

Slowly but surly I have been working on the combat system for the game. I had to rewrite how I handle collisions completely because I didn't have a good enough way of handling responses. These issues have finally been resolved, thankfully, because of some function pointer usage. This isn't how I would normally go about doing responses, but developing a game in notepad makes you do wired things. Any way below is an animation so enjoy.

FYI, I made my homepage in to a wordpress site because, frankly, I cannot be bothered to maintain my site using notepad as well. Oh and a registered another, short domain for the site: www.fallenmoon.net

The Solo Effect

The Solo Effect.

Well I had the afternoon off today(like every Tuesday) so I spent it on getting the solo movement done. It wasn't really to hard because I had made it so you can just set the active PC id (0-3) and it then centers on that PC and acts like it's the main PC. The hard part came when come up with a way for the party to regroup. I thought my line of sight algorithm would come in handy here but, alas, I couldn't get the dame thing to work correctly. Never mind, I still had another trick up my sleeve which I deployed so after. The method basically goes around the leader until it finds an unblocked stop, once it does the PC occupies that spot , the next member dose the same and so forth. The results can been seen below.


Changing active PC

The Three Stages

The Three Stages.

I'm finally done with the system for followers. I can break down the process into three stages; basic move towards, teleportation, the swap.

The first stage, basic move towards, is a simple function that determines the direction the PC must move to be closer to the target. It is really simple and came down to a big switch(true){} section.

This results the the following effort:

As you can see, this method on its own has the flaw of making it easy to lose your followers. To stop this you need to introduce teleportation.

Stage 2, teleportation, is a bit more complex. You don't want the PC to always teleport because it results in a pile up when colliding with an object. To stop that you figure out the distance from the Target PC and if it is greater then one, then and only then do you teleport.

This effort results in the following:

As you can see above, this again is not enough. We need to let the leader swap.

So the final stage, the swap, is very simple in method (but not implementation - for me). This is a basic integer swap and results are what follows:

(No swap just a teleportswap)

(full swapage)

And there we have it. A nice little method for letting people follow you.

Next in the development of GoboCave(working title); We will see how solo PC movement will be handled and then move onto the "inventory". (this order is subject to change).

The four wise men

The four wise men.

After I got the mouse interaction done I decided it was about time to change that font and it took a while to find one I liked. After I found the right font I killed a few bugs with the party/character creation process (after the change to mouse, the name input wasn't accepting the first letter you type.) and moved on to the in-game screen.

The first thing I did was to update the interface from that Grey thing to a pretty scene (It's still not done, need to make space for buttons like; options, inventory, etc.) and after that I got the party data you create being used. This means that you can now move a party of four people around the map. At first I was going to let each member have a light source but that just slowed every thing down and is unnecessary(seeing as you only control one party member at a time) so I have opted to make only the active PC the maps light source.

At the moment I have a very simple (in terms of programming) system for the PCs to follow the leader, but I have a feeling thats going to be changing once I get collision detection working. Anyway heres another video (yes, I intentionally made the characters look like they come from startrek. [death of rats makes an appearance in this video as well - a constant presance] ):

(yea, I'm a video whore)

Death of Rats is gonna get ya!
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