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Game update

Well, I have been able to put something down on paper. My idea for the game is kind of based on tetris. I am going to call it Hexagonal and as the name implies, is based on hexagonal tiles falling down the screen and you having to match up the colors to make chains.

I will post more when I get a chance

Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton


Work on game

Today I will be working on a game. Will I finish this, I hope so. I find I always rush straight into coding the darn thing because a) I find it difficult to plan a project on paper and b) I think I know everything about it to begin with and then part way into coding, BOOM!, it falls to pieces.

This time however, I will try and sit down with a pencil, sharpener, eraser and paper and try to jot down as much as I can before I write a single line of code. So I will close down Visual C++ 2005 and write.

Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton

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