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Well, I'm at my parents for the weekend, as they're having a few parties, and, well, free beer. This is the second time in about a month and a half that I've been here... Weird. It does mean however that I can't work on my engine, which I've been getting back into alot recently. It's great, I find myself nearly not going to the pub to do some coding. Ah well, at least I'm starting to get a team together now, and not a silly internet one ( well, not fully anyway ), but a "I've actually met this person and talked face to face about it" kinda thing. It's much better, I've had some bad experiences with managing teams on the internet before. The last one, I had really bad trouble with programmers, I either had to tell them exactly what to do and how to do it, in which case I might as well just do it myself, or they considered us "too professional". Hopefully this will fair better, as we have a writer on the team now, and can actually plan things to a much higher detail. Still, there's not going to be a game at all unless I get this engine going, I've nearly finished the whole shader/material system now, which is sweet as. Totally scripted, and pretty damn powerful.

I just fixed a computer of my dads, and... It was really odd. It used to work, apart from the CD ROM drive however which was totally shite. So, I replaced it for him ( this was about a month ago ). I didn't bother turning on the PC to check to see if it worked, because I've done it a million times before, and it was bound to. It didn't however, and it couldn't find the harddrive. So, I opened it up, and found that the harddrive was the slave, but the jumpers were set to single drive. Hmmm. I never altered the jumper settings on the harddrive when I fitted the new harddrive, so it's always been like that. Also, the previous cdrom was also the primary on the channel. So how the hell it was working before I don't know. Bizarre.

Anyway, dads just got back with beer... Bah, he never bought Fiddlers Elbow or Hobgoblin like I told him to.. Ah well, at least he got some Old Peculier.

Until the next time I feel like rambling about nothing much in particular...
The title is somewhat appropriate for the past few days...

It was a good friend of mines (Thom) leaving party on friday night in my pub ( Digression: by "my" pub I actually mean the pub I frequent all the time. If anyone ever goes to Bath (UK), on holiday or whatever, pop into the Hobgoblin. It's a great pub, and I'll buy you a pint. ), and we all got decidedly battered. Unfortunately the landlady wasn't in a good mood ( she split up with her girlfriend recently ), so we never had a lockin. So, anyway, I just ended up going back to Thom's and drinking Absynth and playing games. Now, this was some proper absynth that we had. I've had some 75% abv. spanish Absynth before, and it actually just tasted really nice. This however, was 80%, and included wormwood (and wasn't from spain either). I was totally unprepared for how it just burns. I was also unfortunate to breath in at the shock, and the fumes went into my lungs. Que watering eyes and general baddness for 5 minutes. Anyway, drinking absyth we sat down, and I managed to beat Thom at Chess and a card game that I forget the name of, then proceeded to pass out at about 4 am.

Que getting woken up at 6 am by a house member going to work. The next thing I remember after that was waking up at 10am. I didn't really sleep that well, as I was sleeping on the floor. Still, there were coushins, so it wasn't that bad... Anyway, the rest of the morning and beginning of the afternoon was spent discussing game ideas, and I we managed to get an idea and story clamped down. Thoms writing it all out and adding all the details at the moment anyway, but if we manage to pull off what we want to, I think this could be one hell of a game. By 3 pm we were in the pub again, and I never left until closing, then went over a mates house for a while, listening to music, and stuff. I got home at about half 1 to 2 in the morning, to find that my landlord had decided to pay a visit. Without telling me. What the fuck? This I wasn't too happy about. I mean come on, what happened to the 24 hours notice? Anyway, he left this morning, so it's not too bad. I cheered my self up with a nice bout of Doom 3, before heading to bed at about 4am. 5am comes, and I get a phone call. It's a very good friend of mine ( who coincidentally moved to jersey a just over a month ago ), shouting "Hello Phil!!! I LOVEEE YOUUUU!!!" in a barely literate tone and slurring quite substantially. Great. So, I spent 10 minutes trying to get a horrendously drunk ( and pilled up ) friend of mine off the phone. After she decided to let me get back to bed ( when she realised that she woke me up she spent 5 minutes appologising ), I managed to sleep for another few hours. This time my alarm woke me up. It was 10am. I was supposed to be meeting some friends in the pub to watch a band, however, I was just too totally knackered to move, so I missed it. Luckily, all I missed was the pub, because the band didn't turn up.


Ah well, hopefully I should have a job at somepoint this week...

( If you managed to get to here, I'm really really impressed! ).
This subject matter has been perplexing me for a while now. How do you balance a decent social life, but still have time to actually do some game/engine development? I really want to continue with my engine, as it's coming along really nicely, however I always seem to find myself in the pub, talking to whoevers there about anything. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the pub. It's my home. However, can you just go there too much? I'm there everyday ( pretty much - I might have a day off every two weeks or so ), and 90% of my friends I know from the pub... This summer was supposed to be time for me to really crack on with my engine, and perhaps a game, however, I've just spend that time in the pub, and I can't really get out of that habbit. I love socialising too much. When I go back to uni in October, it's gonna be my 3rd year, and so I'll actually have to start working for that too, instead of my usual coasting-but-still-doing-well. Argh. The day needs 48 hours.

Anyway, must dash, I'm off to the pub.
Sweet, thanks to GDNet+ I now have a place I can put my incessent ramblings! Woo!

*Ticks off on checklist*

Hmmm... Just need to get one of those "job" things now, before my next semester at uni starts... Luckily the third year doesn't have much of a timetable :) More pub time for me!

Yeah, anyway, I'm off to play some crazy golf.
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