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It's moi Kiryn insert evil laugh here!!!

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Python or Lua

I am having a hard time deciding over these two programming languages. But can't seem to decided. I will be using it in DirectX C++. I heard that Lua has easier than Python for inducing the two together. I have some knowledge of Python. In which I love the syntax. But found its a little complicated to find where everything is located. Might not be to the next person. But well it is to me.

Lua I only glanced over. And seen a friend post code on a pastebin. And so far what I'm against is the syntax. I'm not too fond of it.

Now I've looked for Python and Lua for Visual Studios, but haven't found anything for python which is not good :(. Found one for Lua called VSLua but they charge. And i'm completely broke. And also it doesn't add project templates to it which isn't good either.

I'm just so confused.





I have started to completely rewrite my entire code. I usually just do this process after I get my api working then I rewrite it or well at try to make it neater. But doesn't always turn out that way HA.

Right now I just finished my little script on DirectInput. So far 330+ lines done within like 3 hours. Not bad but nothing to really brag about eh? Next part will be the terrain *rolls eyes*. And I'm not actually all the excited about writing the terrain. But its inevitable on doing 3D graphics. Cause well, I wouldn't mind doing 2D and all that tile stuff. But 2D is old nowadays and mostly people want 3D realistic work. Like take for example Crysis. That game, I couldn't express the work those developers went through to create something like that. I hope it doesn't turn out to be like Halo.

Well where was I, oh I remember, well I'm not all the good with math. Especially Linear Algebra. Cause I don't know how to do all those dot products, saturate, cross product, cos, sine etc. But so that will hinder me in the long run when I'm creating my own game. 2D in my honest opinion doesn' have to work about lighting, terrain, etc. Cause its flat model. Too bad 3D wasn't. Ha but no one ever said it was always going to be easy. But hell. I'm going to do my best, cause I actually found something I enjoy, I might not be all the best of at it, but atleast I try my best. Thats all that really matters nowaday to me.



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