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About this blog

The journey of one man with many ideas and plenty of free time, will he overcome this affliction?

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Not much to update

Threw my Zune card into my journal header! No all of you can keep track of what I listen too!

While I won't be posting code in this entry I just wanted to give props to Nick Gravelyn and especially towards his tile engine series.

I have learned a great deal from his video tutorials and I think anyone interested in XNA programming should take a look. He has also started a particle engine series, although one entry so far it is awesome and informative.

He's also doing Zune programming which is definitely cool. I know I will be as soon as the final version is released (or a 64-bit compatible version).

I'm sure these are posted somewhere but some decent XNA resources I've found include:


Thats it for now, good luck to all you other XNA programmers!




Back to Programming

Just an update, I've actually started some programming! I'm heading down the path of C# and XNA. Hopefully by the end of next week I will have something to show for it.

I breezed through C# How to Program so I hope I'm kinda up to speed. I'm debating whether or not I need more books. I like books!

I'm also busy with school. Still behind (procrastinating).

I have also seen Iron Man, TWICE! It's that good. I don't like many movies but Iron Man is definitely awesome.

I'm also 22 now. My birthday was yesterday and I managed not to do anything exciting (besides seeing Iron Man for the second time).

I still haven't decided on what kind of game I would like to make. I kept telling myself I wanted to jump straight to 3D but I may hold off a little while on that.

Well, I hope all of you have a nice weekend.




Can't Sleep

It's 1:00 AM over here and I don't feel like going to bed just yet. I'm hoping to write some articles in the near future on subjects like:

1. Game Design

2. Single Player vs Multi Player

I have much passion about developing Real Time Interactive Simulations and I can only hope that some of you can enjoy what I have to say.

I would also like to apologize about my grammar. English was one of my worst subjects.




School Blows

I'm still behind in most of my classes, 2 out of 4 anyway. I don't know why I can't keep up with my work. I do great if I'm paid to do something, like work. I recently got the 1st quarter of the year award. I've only had 3 jobs but I have always excelled at them. But school, I always just seem to give up.

I hope that's not the case this time. I'm gonna pick up the slack. A month ago I registered a couple domains, so I hope to get those up and running sometime soon. I hope to start my own game development company one day, we shall see how that gos.

Things on my to do list include:

1. Catch up in school
2. Start my websites
3. Start a programming project
4. Quit my job

I also need to quit my job! I loathe it so much. The main reason why I am quitting though has to do with my girlfriend. I live in Cleveland and she's in Cincinnati. It's not terribly far away, only a 3 and 1/2 hour drive. But she gets lonely down there. My goal is to quit by the end of May. It just sucks though, I have too many bills every month and no savings.

As for my programming "project" I hope to get something started. Semi-major in build. Not sure what language as I don't really no any. I may just go with a .Net language to start off mainly because of school. I'm taking a VB class right now. I also like the C# language.

Well, thats it for now, sorry for nothing interesting!




A new post! OMG!

I'm finally back! Not sure from where. But like a previously said, I am a huge procrastinator. I think I'm finally ready to stop! I recently signed up for school which is semi-exciting. I need to get on with my life and actually do something with it!

Hopefully I will follow with more posts about my progress and such. And hopefully more frequently than six months.

My classes include Information Technology Concepts, Web Site Design, VB.Net 1, and Database Design. I'm already behind with three of um!!!!!! Week 3 is starting Monday and hopefully I'll be caught up.

Thanks to all six people who randomly clicked my journal and read my new post. I'll try to post something more exciting than this soon.





I finally finished something. I didn't implement it in the way I wanted to, but close enough.

Here is Guess My Number

Post in Beginners Forum
Thread for my code!

using System;

namespace GuessMyNumber
class GuessMyNumber
static void Main()
bool playingGame = true;

Console.WriteLine("Welcome to Guess My Number! Do you think you can guess my number?");
while (playingGame)

Console.Write("Would you like to play again? ");

bool asking;
string playAgain;
asking = true;

while (asking)
playAgain = Console.ReadLine();
playAgain = playAgain.ToLower();

if (playAgain == "n" || playAgain == "no")
playingGame = false;
asking = false;
else if (playAgain == "y" || playAgain == "yes")
playingGame = true;
asking = false;
Console.Write("I do not understand your selection. Please type yes or no: ");

static int PickRandomNumber()
int minNumber = 1;
int maxNumber = 100;
Random pickNumber = new Random();

return pickNumber.Next(minNumber, maxNumber);

static void PlayGame()
int randomNumber;
int userInput = 0;
int numberOfTries = 0;
bool guessing = true;
bool gettingInput;

randomNumber = PickRandomNumber();

while (guessing)
gettingInput = false;

while (gettingInput == false)
Console.Write("Please pick a number between 1 and 100: ");
gettingInput = int.TryParse(Console.ReadLine(), out userInput);

if (gettingInput)
if (userInput > 1 && userInput 100)
numberOfTries += 1;

if (userInput == randomNumber)
Console.WriteLine("Good Job!\n");
guessing = false;
else if (userInput Console.WriteLine("Try guessing a higher number!\n");
else if (userInput > randomNumber)
Console.WriteLine("Try guessing a lower number!\n");

Console.WriteLine("You guessed {0} times!\n", numberOfTries);

Let me know how I did!




Still lazy, but with some hope!

Wow, talk about being frickin' lazy. I was planning on posting a little more often than what, a week or two. Well anyway here I am, all refreshed from the vacation I took last week. The one in which I accomplished absolutely nothing. Well, not nothing, I did get 100,000 tokens from playing various Pogo games. That's about it, hung out with my brother most of the time. I actually got better at guitar hero; now I can beat Freebird on hard without using star power.

Personally I feel the need to make good games because not many other people are doing that. But what constitutes a good game? Would I know how to create a decent game that people would want to play? I cannot stand playing Halo and do not know why people enjoy it so much. Does this kill my dreams? I do happen to enjoy the likes of Guitar Hero II, Resident Evil 4, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Metal Gear Solid (the first one and its remake), and also Unreal Tournament. All is not lost; I can and will put together a marketable game.

That seems like a pretty bold statement. How am I supposed to achieve this admirable goal? What skills do I need? First I need to learn how to program. Second I need to learn mathematics. Thirdly I need to come up with a game. Doesn't seem too hard, right? What if I want to do this in the next 4 years? I'm asking for trouble.

Learning to program competently seems like the biggest challenge. Learning syntax is easy, learning semantics, not so much. I always start out strong but seem to never finish anything. I chose to learn the C# programming language due to support. Support from the workshop. Support from MSDN. I have a long road ahead of me. I would like to be rather competent programmer by the end of the year.

Learning math shouldn't be much of a challenge. I was always very proficient in math during school. I just need to learn math that is relevant to programming and game programming. I am debating going to school for this (as well as other things). I am not very interested in the best graphics. I just want to make games. Games that people will find fun and enjoy.

Coming up with a game shouldn't be too hard, it is my passion after all. I have already filled pages with scribble about the types of games I need to bring to the world. That's what I get for working security. Boring as hell, but plenty of time. What kind of games you ask? That'll be another post most definitely.

That's it for now. Hope you could get through my babbling nonsense and poor literary skills. I shall return, and hopefully with some code!!! Thanks to all who left comments.




First Post!

I signed up for GDNet+ with the intent of starting a journal on June 14th. Now my journal title is starting to make sense, eh?

For as long as I can remember I have been trying to program but I lose interest or something gets in the way. Not any more! My goal is to learn programming and make computer games. I told myself that I would make money by creating computer games by the age of 25. That goal leaves my a little over 3.5 years to achieve.

I will make an effort to post as often as I can to push myself to learn more and better myself. I have dropped out of higher educational facilities four times and that is unacceptable. I will be attending school again this fall to better myself in areas such as English and Math.

I have been following along with the C# workshop and cannot wait until the exercises come up. I have also been watching some of the videos on the Microsoft website dealing with programming and have learned quite a bit.

Well, that is it for my first entry, perhaps next entry I will show everyone my lack of coding skills with some sort of program.



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