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Well, I just got GDNET, so I was all happy. I've wanted it for a while now, and I finally could afford it, and also afford me some other things (work). Well...times can change very fast. Due to some personal issues I regret to inform that I am now already canceling my subscription to GDNET. I could most likely still afford it (it's not expensive at all), but I am not taking a chance and I am wanting to keep everything personal.

So, I am posting this to tell everyone "Sorry for not being able to start updating this Journal." I wasn't here long enough to even get started...so yea. Maybe I'll do something to this for the last month. I don't know. I guess I will find out. I'll see you all on the forums!
Well, my English Project is due Tuesday, but I am hoping to have it done by tonight. All I have left is the main battle in the game. After I add that, I am going to add training, so you can get your skills up before you go and fight the main battle.

There is only one bad thing. I have no motivation to work at this time. :(. I guess it's because how messy my code is. Sense I had a limited amount of time to make this, my code looks terrible. Sadly it is true. :(.

Well, I better start working. I have plans tonight, so I need to get to working. I'll see if I will post the game here when I am done. I don't know though. It will suck to bad.
Ok, I am thinking about using Dream Host as a host...though after looking at the math...I be beginning to think they are ripping me off. After getting 2 different people doing the math, including me, we keep on thinking they are NOT taking the percent off in the price they give me. We keep on getting their price if we do NOT take the percent off they are giving me. Though if we do take the percent off, then the price should be lower.

Are they ripping me off and not telling me? Or am I forgetting something? Any help necessary!
So, I have been thinking about the 4E6 contest. After thinking about it, I think I can get a game idea out of that. Now the only thing left is to actually build the game. I have an English Project and other kind of project. School comes first, but I should be able to enter. I hope so at least.


As some of y'all know, I was thinking about a project to do in Java. A banking simulation or a little game in Java. Guess what? My final decision is neither! Well sort of. I just won't be using Java. Today I was assigned a project over Beowulf for my British Literature class. After thinking about it hard for a little bit and contemplating ideas, I finally found one. An interactive story/text based game.

The design is still coming to my head, but basically I am thinking about retelling the story of Beowulf in a game (text based). I am doing text based, as that way I know I can finish it. I only have 2 weeks, and I don't really want to rush a crappy graphical game out in 2 weeks and it be short and dumb and crash on the teachers computer. I am still not sure of the language I will use (C++ or C#). I know some of y'all might be saying "C#! It's easier! No contest", but I am a lot more familiar with C++ (been programming in C++ for 2 years and C# for about 2 months). Well, I'm a go write down some design ideas, eat something. Do my math and then get started.

Any ideas from y'all on how it can play out? All it has to do is be about Beowulf and feature the pegan (or h/e it is spelled [no notes in front of me]) and Christian allusions. Any ideas are welcomed! Just remember it is text based.

Can't decide

I'm a Computer Science student at my High School, and well we are learning Java (like lots of others Computer Science classes are in High School). Anyway, I have been already programming for 2 years with C++. So, a little before school started I went ahead and tried my hand at Java. I'll say one thing. I don't like Java really that much. Just somethings that I don't like to do in it. I find C# better (which I also know, but C++ was my first language). Well, sense I need to learn Java even more I might as well start using it. Last night while I was just doing some simple OOP in Java (oh wait...Java always uses classes) I thought of a program that I would like to write. Basically a banking simulation. People can create a checking account at the bank. They can save their account information. View balance and more and more. You could even spend money and it will take money away from your account. It won't be nearly as good as other banking software and stuff would NOT be encrypted (lol, so make sure you don't use my software to hold IMPORTANT information...your account will be stolen! [That's why it's practice.]). Then after thinking a little bit, I go..."I would like to make a simple game in Java and show it to my teacher." I can't decide which to do! Both have my attention, and I am writing down ideas for both. gah! I guess I'll just keep on reading on Java and then I'll decide later on. Guess that is the only way I could do this.

*Gets to thinking*


I am about to start work on a website for this online gaming league I run. Sense the participants of the league would like to see where they are in the points series, and I do not want to update the points on my computer and then go to my site and update them after every event, I am looking into databases for the website. The database is basically to hold all of the user information of who is in the league, their points, and what place they are in. I have not used databases before, so I am right now studying them. I have installed mysql, but it seems as it it doesn't like me. I follow the quick reference on their site and I do the commands it says to start the server, but it never recognizes it as a command to start the server. I'll keep on trying though and studying different things. Any suggestions from y'all?

Also, is their really a best way to make this sort of site? I have the Express Edition of Visual Web Developer, so I am thinking about using ASP with C#. I have not used ASP before, so I will be learning that as well. Any suggestions here?

Any suggestions period would be awesome!

I'm Here

This entry is only here to let people know that I am now a member of GDNET and I will be using this Journal a game that I am about to start and even everyday life stuff. Hope to get some readers!
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