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About this blog

A journal of mr fires walk down the path of game development. WARNING: May contain random ranting

Entries in this blog


Bye Bye until the new year!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to say happy christmas. I will talk to you after the new year. Work has got me absolutly knackered so im going to take some time away from programming and that untill the new year as i have targets etc too reach.

So happy christmas and il see you in the new year!!!





Back on the air

Hello to evryone who bothers to read this. Im back finally. Ive got my computer up and running after a pleathora of hardware issues! Im impressed with the new box though most of the new hardware is cutting edge and as for the system itself it runs quiet as a mouse.

To Microsoft, Thanks
Okay i know everyone has their own grips with MS but i wanted to just say thanks to the product registration guys. I have numerous MS software that had no licenses left and because of a motherboard swap (okay 5 motherboard swaps at this stage!) it meant that the software, under the EULA's was no longer valid. This included my OS!.

I dreaded having to ring MS and explain the situation as i was waiting for the usual "not our problem" excuses. But i have to give credit wear it is due, a quick phone call and explaination of what happened and i got everything registered once again. So Thanks guys!

C++, how i missed thee
I never what to have a faulty pc again as long as i live! Ive been neglecting my studies because of it. I found it to hard to try learn from a book and program on a latop so i had to take an unschedualed break. Truth is though im really stuck for time too, im a sales exec this means this is the worst time of the year to try learn anything.

On the subject of work, i am currently working six day weeks and shifts of ten hours, everyone i know seems to be as busy, so if everyone is working why the hell is trade so damn high! I think some people have cusy numbers coming up to christmas, wish it was me! On the upside though, with trade at an all time high i stand to make a silly amount of money !!!

Santa is a comming!
Woo Hoo, i love xmas!!!

Okay i have to work long and hard this time of year and have no time to relax but i still love it. I just put up my tree tonight and is very pretty!

and Finally
Sorry to keep this short but im knackerd at the moment and really don't have the energy to keep typing!


PS: Would anyone be interested if i wrote some game reviews for xbox 360 games? I tend to buy alot of them and think some of the reviews are too weak or biased for some games! Would anyone read them here? if so im write them, leave a comment and let me know?




A group of stuff............

Well im still plowing through "Acclerated C++" its quite a good little book. Im starting to get a hang of all the weird little symbols. I have to say i have a real apprecation for all the operators that are overloaded, OO at its best.

My Computer
I just got an email today to tell me that my parts wont be dispatched untill 30/11/07 which means i wont get them for at least a week after, bummer. I had hoped to have it running sooner as its awkward trying to learn C++ on a laptop. I have a great set up on my desk so i can read and type with ease, oh well. Good news though i received vouchers for my old laptop to the tune of EUR780!!. Im going to treat myself to a lovely 20 inch moniter!

Bad Games
So i just got Asassains Creed 2 days ago and have to say i have never seen such a fantastic looking game in all my life i mean WOW!!!

And thats where the good comments end, what a horribly repetitive game, you basicly preform the same group of functions over and over again, nothing wrong with that but the tasks are so boring in themselves. Having said that the first 30 mins where great alot of varitey and very engaging and then boom, thats it the same boring content over and over

This is a classic case of a company spending too long on one part of a game and forgeting about the rest!!

And as for TimeShift the total opposite, looks ok plays great, good concepts but what the hell happened to the story!!

Good Games
Horray for LEGO STARWARS!!!!!!
What a fantastic game good quality button mashing fun, on gripe though i wish the camera had more movement. Also picked up a used copy of chrome hounds. Im a mech fan and have to say its a great concept!

Just Finished
Finally finished all episodes of Half Life The orange box. What a strange game!! I do hope they make a next gen one as it seems a solid enough game.

Music Anyone?
Ive never played gutair hero, should i get it? it looks like good fun. Anyone else played it?

And Finally
This has been my first proper entry (im so pleased). Anyway i would just like to say if you spot any spelling or grammer mistakes don't bother telling me im too tired to change it





Game Development: Entry 1(b)

Ok ive ive given up on the book mentioned earlier because, quite frankly, it bored me. The book is good mind you. Its just that comming from VB.NET having to read through the whole welcome to programming is quite boresom.

I picked up "Accelerated C++" again and i must say every beginner to C++ should give this book more than a glance! It can be intimidating at first but it does present the language in a fun and challenging way. It also doesn't bog the reader down with theory, it lets the language speak for itself. Im on the second chapter and im glued to the book.

On the subject of C++........ GOD what an ugly language. I would like to see the power of C++ mixed with the readablity of VB. God damn ; I keep leaving them out and as for the {} i just think they make the languge look ugly, although i can understand that it makes writing the language faster but UUUGGGHH......




Game Development: Entry 1(a)

Well, this is it no more VB.net for a while. Ive just downloaded Visual C++ express 2008 (which took and age!!) and have had my books from amazon arrive. I think im going to start with "Begining C++ Through Game Programming" by mike dawson, it seems to be light hearted enough. I did read a wee bit of accelereated C++ but there was alot of big words floating about the book....

Anyhow il post again when i have a bash through the first chapter





The cost of being helpful

Why do people take things so personal?

I try and help people to the best of my abilty. This is what i have learned from people who have more experiance than me. I also show good forum netequette. I do not flame people and if someone gives incorrect information based on their own experience i merely point the fact out in a mature fashion since it is based on their opinion......

So why when i make a mistake or post something based on my own experience do people not do the same, i always wonder why some people hate posting lengthy helpful replies. They are afraid that someone will come and, excuse the phrase", shit all over them rather than being civil and pointing out they made a simple mistake........




Because sometimes its not worth even starting

My first journal entry.........

And what is it about? An introduction, maybe a short piece on being new to developing games, how about a chance to say thanks to everyone who has helped me start out.......

Oh no no no,

Its a, you guessed it, good ol fashioned rant.....

So whats it about, well il tell ya. I recently decided to get into CPP (the plus symbol wont show) and more specificly, game development. So i register on gamedev.net, get a few books and download a few compilers and other bits and bobs.

So you would think id be on my way by now huh? Well you would be wrong because my motherboard decided to die. Not too bad i had everything backed up and i could always use my laptop. So i go down stairs plug in my laptop and.......... BOOM!!! Thats all i heard. Yeah thats in the shop too.

Now im an optimistic sort of guy. I figure il wait it out get in some quality xbox time. Hang on, those lights on the xbox shouldn't be red should they? Apparently not says the guy in Gamestop, so off to the shop with that too!

After five days on tech strike ive finally decided to just buy a new laptop and write a rant on gamedev.net. Which brings me full circle..... I love when that happens.....

Anyhow, got me some new parts for my pc so should be back up and running by the 30/11/07

toodles for now ladles and gentlespoons



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