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Hello everyone ! This week I worked a lot on the creation of  dialogs box. These will be visible during cutscenes. To avoid writing redundant code, I created a script to create them. It will save me a lot of time. The creation did not cause me too much trouble. It was enough to know which GameMaker functions to use. To get there, I had to use the Draw GUI event of my cutscene controller to be able to draw at the user interface. Here are the small functions that I had to use:

draw_set_font    This function allows you to choose the font that will be used for the text.
draw_set_halign    This function is used to define the horizontal alignment that will be used.
draw_set_valign    This function is used to define the vertical alignment that will be used.
draw_sprite    This function allows you to draw a sprite on the screen. I use it to draw the dialog box's background as well as the face if there is one.
draw_text_ext    This function is an improved version of draw_text. It defines when an automatic line break will be made according to the width of the text reached.

To finish this update, here's a screenshot of a dialog box test with a face.


The original text is on https://sjs-studio.com

Hello everybody ! The last week was dedicated to the creation of NPCs for the first cutscene of the game. Since the first cutscene takes place in the HLB (Humanity’s Last Base), there must be NPC characters to fill the base a bit. So I created 9 differents NPCs with the help of Game Character Hub creation tool. This tool was originally created for the Rpg Maker serie but can be used for other game engine. Just need to export our characters in png. Subsequently, there is some integration work to be done in Game Maker but it is not too complicated. Finally, here are the NPCs that were created this week:

Webp.net-gifmaker-1.gif Webp.net-gifmaker-2.gif Webp.net-gifmaker-3.gif Webp.net-gifmaker-4.gif Webp.net-gifmaker-5.gif Webp.net-gifmaker-6.gif Webp.net-gifmaker-7.gif Webp.net-gifmaker.gif

Original Link : https://sjs-studio.com/en/blog/2018/02/19/monday-news-5-creation-of-npcs/

Have a good Monday, everyone ! The last week was supposed to be devoted to the creation of the dialogs of the first cutscene but a great misfortune happened to my production hard drive. This one has finished is life in a loud crashing noise. So I had to buy another one and reinstall all my softwares in order to be able to work again on the game. Fortunately, I lost only about 1 hour of work with the help of bitbucket. If you still  not work with an external source control, I really recommend it. It can save hours and hours of work in case of hardware problems. Before the crash of my hard drive, I began to draw a little  civilian who will walk in the base during the cutscene. I still have some work to do on it to improve it. Here is an animation of it:


During the week, I discovered an extraordinary website for planning video game projects. His name is Hacknplan. On this website, you can write your complete documentation. In addition, you can plan your work with the Agile method. Most importantly, there is a free version that can still do a lot for individual developers. I recommend you take a look at it: http://hacknplan.com/

In the next update, there should be more things to show since I changed my hard drive. If you have questions or comments, you can post it here.

Hello everyone ! The last week was devoted to the design of the HLB base. This will be used in the introduction video of the game. In general the design went well. First of all, I had to find a futuristic tileset that made it possible to create a large pretty base. I find this tileset in the DLC of RPG maker. So I buy the tileset: http://store.steampowered.com/app/462083/RPG_Maker_VX_Ace__PVG_Sci_Fi_Tiles

Creating a map with GameMaker Studio 2 is very simple. In time to say it, I finished HLB. In all, it took about 3 hours of creation. Thereafter, I began creating small model character to find the right size. After some tests, I concluded that the ideal size is 48 x 72. For now, the character moves on site and all the animations in a loop. In the near future, there will be several characters who will walk around the map to give it a little life. Finally, here is a small screenshot that shows a small part of the base.


If you have questions or comments, you can post it here.

Already 5 days since the end of the contest. Here is my post mortem. I liked my week in general. I improved my knowledge on monogame while improving my small personal game engine.

Things that went weel
- The creation of the story was very good. For those who wonder, there are 8 levels of planned in my game. My initial goal was to finish the tutorial and level 1.
- Finding music has been a breeze. I had already discovered the artist on Newsground in the past.
- The programming in general has been well. I did not have any major problems.

Things that went bad
- I did not have time to find all the SFXs I wanted.
- I've lost a lot of time trying to find a good futuristic tileset and that's probably why I could not create Level 1.

To conclude, a big thank you to slicer4ever for organizing this competition. Also, another big thank you, to those who tested my game and who gave me their comments. I will use it to continue my game. I give myself some days of rest but it's certain that I will work on it again. Those who want to follow me will be able to do it here on my gamedev blog or via twitter: https://twitter.com/sjs_studio

See ya

This is the final day of the competition. I have unfortunately not finished my game but I still made a submit so that you can try what is done. You can download the game https://neonlightgames.com/woa/Assets/Submissions/sjs-studio.zip. If you want to follow me for this game, here's my twitter account: https://twitter.com/sjs_studio. Finally, here are the credits of my images and music:

- The character was made by a friend of mine.

- Charset was made with Game Character Hub.

- The gui is a pack that I buy at this address : https://graphicriver.net/item/space-game-gui-pack/9264290

- The spaceship and background come from : https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/2d-space-shooter-assets-space-rage-1775/ 

- The ennemy ships come from packs on unity asset store.

- All my music come from : http://eliteferrex.newgrounds.com/ or https://eliteferrex.bandcamp.com/

WoA V : Day 6

Already the sixth day ended. Today I worked a lot to finalize the introduction. Everything is now functional. I still have a little trick to correct and I will be able to work level 1. I hope to be able to finish it in time for the end of the contest. I am confident but you never know what can happen as a problem. I am very pleased with what I have accomplished so far this week. I looked at the other games in the contest and there will be some very good ones in my opinion. Good last day to each of you.


WoA V : Day 5

Today was a productive day. I did not really encounter major problems except that I had a little difficulty to make the exhaust following the enemy ships when they rotated. I happily found a small solution on the internet. I present it to you:

Public Vector2 GetPositionOfExhaust (Vector2 _vCenter, float _fDistance, float _fDirectionInRadians)
	Float yDifference = (float) Math.Sin (_fDirectionInRadians);
	Float xDifference = (float) Math.Cos (_fDirectionInRadians);
	Vector2 vDirection = new Vector2 (xDifference, yDifference);
	Vector2 vPrecisePositionOfSatellite = _vCenter + vDirection * _fDistance;
	Return vPrecisePositionOfSatellite;

This code comes from: http://xboxforums.create.msdn.com/forums/t/112011.aspx

To conclude, here some screenshots of the progress:





Here is my objectives for Day 6:

  • Finish the tutorial
  • Make the first level
  • Start to integrate the first boss battle


WoA V : Day 4

Today I worked a lot on the first sequence of the game, the introduction of the story. I have integrated the dialogues. I had to develop a kind of cutscene manager to make it work. I integrated the whole with good music. Subsequently I started creating the tutorial level that there will be at the beginning. I still have a lot of stuff to do at this level but when it's built in, the rest of the game will be easier to make. At least I think so. Tonight, I look for a futuristic tileset and I found a not free pack but not very expensive. I have unfortunately no pictures to show you for today. Tomorrow I will post one and maybe you'll have a first build. Good night !

WoA V : Day 3

Today was a less productive day so my blog entry will be very short I have added a waypoints system that my ennemies will follow. It will evolve further before the end of the competition. I have worked hard to stabilize my engine in terms of  sprites managing. Now it's more functional. Toward the end of the day I began to look at how I could present my story with the dialog box. Here is a small screenshot that shows the progress:


It's not perfect but I think it look very good.

Things to do tomorrow :

  • Collision detection
  • Find tileset to make my levels

WoA V : Day 2

Hello everyone. Today I worked on the main menu. So I had to find  a texture pack that was in science fiction style. When you pass the mouse over a button, the color of the button changes. Same thing when you click on it. I also include a little music that was made by a great artist: http://eliteferrex.newgrounds.com/ . I created a debug level in order to develop my functionalities without having to take care of a complete level. For the moment, I have included the player's ship with its movements and its base shot. I also display two basic enemies but they don't moving for the moment. Here are two small screenshots of my advances:



For tomorrow, my objectives are:

  • Integrate paterns of movements for enemies.
  • Start creating the first level.

WoA V : Day1

This week, I’m participating in a game creation contest. This one must be done in the week of August 7, 2017. There are four themes proposed and we have to choose two and implement them in our game. On my side, I decided to choose the theme Alien Invasion and Chain Reaction. My game will be a Shoot’em up. Today I wrote the story and I chose my sprites that I will use. I buy a little pack on the internet to help me. I also created my project and I set myself the objective of displaying the ship with an animation for the exhaust. Here is a small screenshot:


My objectives for tomorrow are:

  • Integrating control
  • Integrate shots
  • Add1 enemy to make some tests

That’s all for the moment. I hope to be able to tell you more tomorrow. Good night !

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