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So, I'm working on codename: Oort with David. We're using Python, because... I dunno. Dave likes it? It also seems to work well with our decision to try out "component-based design", which you can read about over at his journal. Sometimes Python is annoying but I WILL PERSEVERE

Even though it's just the two of us, we want to use some kind of revision control system, so I was looking into Monotone and got it working, basically. For some reason it doesn't recursively scan directories when adding files, like it says it does... but I'll figure it out. It might end up being more of a pain than it's worth, though.

Um... I'm kind of grumpy, so I'll leave it at that.




Intro Post

Hi, I'm Laura! I program for a living, and I program games for fun. In Java. *GASP*! ;)

I guess for my intro post I'll talk about some of the games I'm almost finished. Who knows when I'll get around to finishing them up - it's hard to work on old stuff when you have shiny new stuff to work on.

Here is a Mahjong solitaire applet I made with my partner David, who's also here on gamedev. He did all of the graphics and I did the coding. Below are some screenshots, and you can also play the game at

Another applet we worked on is what we call Abiogenesis. It's along the lines of Conway's Game of Life. Green is plant, Blue is herbivore and Red is carnivore. The levels of a bunch of variables determine how the "life" grows and dies. This results is very striking moving patterns of colour. I originally wrote it as an application, and I'm not quite done porting it to applet - so not all of the functionality is there yet.

I'll write about my sooper-sekrit current project some day soon.



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