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Sunday feeling

Hoozah balah! Yes I said it, I didn't want to start with "Well this is my first post"...D'oh!

Well I sit here this morning at my desk recently purchasing RealmCrafter2 and as I contemplate whether or not I need to shower to remove the 'noob' stabbing wounds that have reached me from reading reviews I say - "Hoozah balah!".
When did the World turn into such a pool of Elites, where something can not be celebrated idea wise if it is not entirely 100% yours. Where people will refuse to walk a path just because it has been walked upon before, I say - "Hoozah balah!". If a path has been walked down before, then you at least know there is a path to walk upon to some extent, it does not mean I will walk the same footsteps as them though. I have a game idea, its name is Escalation. I think this Escalation is a fun idea and will be fun to play. I have limited funds yet large concepts, I can achieve a base working game in RealmCrafter with graphics that are nice enough to portray this. I am a programmer by education of a Computer Science degree and thus I probably could create this Escalation idea with my own code and engine, but just how far down in the process do I have to start before I can call it my own with ideals such as "noob engine" drifting around.
When you code you use libraries which were not written by you, on a Computer not created by you, running on hardware not created by you. With this in mind then, are we not all "noobs" to some extent?
Bill Gates is a 'noob' when it comes to understanding the feeling of being poor in 2008.
President Bush is a 'noob' when it comes to understanding the feeling of being a black man with no power.
RockStarGames developers are a 'noob' when it comes to being a single man in a bedroom with no company to be a part of.
And so on and so on and so forth.
My point is this,
Bill Gates is the face of MicroSoft.
President Bush is the face of USA.
RockStarGames is the face of GTA series.
So when it comes down to it, just how important are the means, when we as a society usually see the ends.
In my eyes I know I can program and I know I can design an engine should I wish to. In my eyes I know that creating a game in RealmCrafter is the best option in order to get the idea I have out there and played in the shortest time possible.
Some may say my means are 'noob' but when the ends are that hundreds of players could be playing the idea in my head within a matter of months I will take the ends of happiness and enjoyment and say "Hoozah balah!" to the comments of 'noob' I may recieve.

So I sit here at my desk on a Sunday morning now thinking about how for a 'noob' engine I appear to still have spent just as much time planning and scripting as I used to do working with Torque engine Source that I have still forgot I actually have to eat when the sun comes up.

"Hoozah balah!" to the sun I say.



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