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About this blog

Ramblings from the southern bit of Africa

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oh dear, slipped to once a week already

Dam, real life sure plays havoc with all our grand plans, well mine at least.

Here we are one week later and precious little dun on game development, days consist of going to work coming home crashing on couch, waking up 4 hours later
and walking zombie like to bed.

I did on the weekend manage to fire up tgea and manage to create a moving rock.

Yay me!

Hopefully this weekend will be more productive game creation wise





So i survived my first week at a new employer.

Eish, hectic, while they finish the call center im sitting in bosses office
working on laptop on corner of his desk, so it's 8 hours flat out all day.

Dam! didnt know i could concentrate for such long periods at a time without brain melting.

Ah well the reward comes soon, being the first coder on the new project i pretty much get to mold things zactly as i want them, a dream job , mwhahahaha

The cost tho was, zero time for game development ;(

Ah well, its friday nite , im sure i will manage to get something dun,
sadly can't devote the whole weekend to gaming, i have homework, finising
65 stored procs that will export data from mysql to sql server.

Those who are about to die salute you!




slighty sidetracked

Ok so i've just spotted somthing kewl, yea i'm late joining this site so i never caught it as news the first time round.

Anyhow i've stumbled across http://dobbschallenge.com/ and decided to give that a bash, i reckon it could be an interesting learning curve and worst case scenario i wil have gotten my hands on a 2d engine written by the boytjies at Dr Dobbs so it should be fairly decent.

Got the code downloaded,compiled and tested on machine. I know sit both hands poised above a blank sheet of paper, waiting for inspiration to hit me between then the eyes.




Blown away by python

Ok so yesterday after the obligatory WOW session, i fired up Python.

The first mistake i made was starting to read a book called " Learning Python by David Ascher; Mark Lutz " I think i cracked a tooth when, fast asleep, my head hit the desk 10 minutes later.

It's one of those dead and dry academic books that spend the first 3 chapters waffling on about the most obscure and inane facts about Python. Here i am screaming at the book "ive been coding for 8 yrs, i just want to learn the language", it didnt listen.

Luckily i no longer buy academic books but make use of Safari books where i have access to tens of thousands of books of all sorts. So this one was dutifully tossed in the virtual wastebasket and i looked for another one.

"Python Programming for the absolute beginner - by MICHAEL DAWSON" was located and loaded, what a pleasure, none of the crap that belongs at the back of the book shoved down my throat, within 2 minutes i could write

print "Game Over" - in Python

so i'll be using this as my introductory book, and i'll be a lot less grey.

The second mistake i made was in assuming that Python was some obscure scripting language (i knew that much) that was used by AI boffs and that was about it. A few googles and a visit to the main Python site soon showed me the error in my thinking, wow!

For any one not getting enough mail in your inobox, join the "python-list@python.org" mail list i swear my mail box has pinged at least 10 times in the duration it took me to write this note, thats a busy list!

Anyhow time to delve deeper in the innards of Py, oh yea and play more wow

ps i dowloaded the d20 system yesterday and will be using that as the mechanics for roleplay/adventure game mulling around in my head




Rolls up sleeves

Okay so a lot of yesterday was taken up by taking daughter to open day at the university she will be going to next year.

Apart from learning a lot of important info for her it managed to do what going to a university does for me, inspire me to complete my studies.

Sadly when i completed school my parental units were not able to provide the necessary funds for me to study further and i was not provided the experience
of university study.

I have in the mean time and later years enrolled at the largest correspondence university in the world which just happens to be in this country ww.unisa.ac.za
and going there at registration provides some of the university flava, its still not quiet the same.

Anyhow, i digress, as usual, have returned, full of enthusism to complete my own studies and info paralysis over im now prepared to start some serious work.

To this end python has been downloaded, the appropriate "python for dummies" book been loaded into my bookshelf at safari books and ready to start delving into the belly of the beast

ps im busy studying bsc Computer Science with majors in Maths and AI




paralysed by info overload

I don't know how often anybody has a look at the resources section.

I mean LOOK, not skip or gloss over.

There is so much info there i'm almost paralysed.

WHERE do u start?

The list of info is huge and obviously growing every day, it's almost enough to make your eyes glaze over, you could spend a lifetime reading and researching and never have anything to show.

Time to have a really strong whisky, lie in the dark with shades closed and ice cloth on forehead.

I'll let u know when the panic has gone away.




Entry the second

Hmm still have splitting headache after wrestling with torque yesterday
which for some obscure reason refused to load textures on any object i loaded


i would rather be doing that than what im going to be doing later today which is download latest version of postgres and get up to speed with it, i start a new job on monday and they will be porting Sql server data to a new Postgres

I HATE business programming, BUT it does pay the rent provide the food (hmm hungry need food) and allow all sorts of fun stuff to be bought, mwhahaha

So priorities for today
1) food
2) wow (just a bit )
3) postgres
4) fighting with torque
5) c# studying for ms exmas (yuk)
6) try and art sumthing

Hmm not a bad day




In the beginning

Ok, this is going to be the usual diary type thing, documenting the cliched trials and tribulations of game development.

"yea yea" u say
"heard it all before. What has this shmuck got to say thats different?"

I dont know, probbly nothing, so go away, hehe.

I'm probbly older than any two random members age added together

First pc was the zx sinclair(that's the black and white one, 640k ram, no monitor, no harddrive a mouse????? lol)

Fulltime coder in c# and dabbles in Java
Own indie license to Torque Advanced Engine
Currently studying game programming thru Game Institute
Put up random art i create at artzone when i get time

Currently trying to get the unreal engine to make somthing usefull for me to enter in the "make sumthing unreal" thingy

Actively looking at modding c&c 3
just downloaded sdk for valve

So i cant say that i dont have anything to do to keep me busy

ps Galsteien is female Dranei Hunter very close to 70 and she sucks up waay to much time, but it counts as research, haha

Thats it for now



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