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About this blog

This journal will describe the process of me learning how to make games :P

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The C# training book I ordered from Microsoft (Microsoft C# .NET 2008 Step by Step) arrived yesterday, much sooner than I anticipated. So now I have both that and the C# for dummies book to go with, that should keep be busy the next few months or so, learning how to use this programming language.

If anyone else, like me, is just starting out, I can only say that I can recommend downloading the free Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express wich is free and then get some good training books as well. They are certainly helping me and the two books I have mentioned here are certainly also worth the money!

Learning C#

I finally got around to looking at (re)learning C#. I have worked with it before, but it is a little over 8 months ago since I last gave it a shot, so I might just as well start from the beginning. Hopefully by book from the U.S. is underway, thats the Microsoft C# .NET 2008 Step by Step book that I have mentioned on the gamedev forums. But, as long as I am waiting for that one, I decided to give it a go with C# for dummies (love that title by the way). So, as of today, I am officially trying to teach myself how to program in C#, hopefully I'll get around to C++ as well soon!
I guess we all have to start somewhere, when there is something we want to do but we have to learn it first. I'd like to learn how to program browser games one day, but that will require me to, first, learn how to program at all. So, first things first I signed myself up on the website www.gamedev.net to be able to receive help and tips from people who are already into game design and hopefully hear from others who are just as new as I am.

It went really well and a few people have already noticed me on there. My first recommendations for learning programming languages were C#. I already know this language a little and decided to download the Microsoft Visual C# & C++ 2008 Express editions (they are free as you might know). The C# because it was recommended and the C++ because I will be taught the C++ language when I attend the university again after my summer break. Looking forward to learning these two programming language and hopefully getting to know how to make really basic games.

I've also ordered my first training book for C#, a book from Microsoft also called Visual C#.NET 2008 Step by Step. Hopefully this will help me get started with my self studies. University will give some pointers as too what good books about C++ I will need to I will wait a bith with those books.
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