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About this blog

Musings of the creative sort.

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The Disappearing Journal

Apparently August 27th was the cutoff for when you could see journal entries, as mine had completely disappeared from the Developer Journal page, yikes!

Anyway, you might be wondering why I haven't been around much. Three words: World of Warcraft. I'm in the closed beta now (yay for massive leveling) and it's sucking a lot of time out of me but I love it! Also I move back up to university tomorrow and have been spending a lot of time with my girl. Hopefully soon here I'll return to the forums in full swing and get back into the groove. Until then, enjoy life!




Back from the Dead

Whew! I'm back and ready for action! I was able to work a bit on my design treatment while traveling and managed to flesh some more ideas out for the mystery adventure game I've got brewing. Also I've done a bit more work with Python and can now actually make a program without looking at a tutorial. [smile]


San Diego was great, got some color, some clothes and some great photos of all the animals I ran into while visiting Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. I've been doing a bit of partying this week and the girlfriend is coming over for the weekend so no progress for the next three days. [wink]


I just finished figuring out what classes I'll be taking for the next two years and now I need help deciding a name for my major! Here's the class list, you can help me decide a good name.

A/HI 211 - Foundations of Visual Communication
ART 251 - Computers in Visual Problem Solving
ART 270 - Graphic Design I
ART 354 - Digital Imaging
ART 372A - Design Production Process
ART 372B - Design Production Application
COMM 350 - Emerging Communication Technologies
CSCI 101 - Computers and Applications
CSCI 112 - Introduction to Internet Resource Creation
ENG 302 - Introduction to Technical and Professional Writing
ENG 350 - Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 402 - Advanced Technical and Professional Writing
ENG 462 - Topics in Technical and Professional Writing
FAIR 275B - Intro to Digital Video Production
FAIR 440M - Culture and Emotion
JOUR 190 - Introduction to Mass Media
JOUR 330 - Principles of Public Relations




Python - The Adventure Begins (and other tidbits)

I wish they had a snake post icon...

Today I started on what I hope will be a fun quest to learn the language of Python, my first ever attempt at a high-level language. While I've seen code many times before, I never really understood all the wording and such, but in only a few hours, I can now safely say I'm familiar with the basics. [smile] Things like if, elif, while and a number of other things are now engrained, only took me 21 years to get there.

I've already written a few little programs: Fibonnacci sequence, password, number guessing game, they're all really simple but I'm excited to know I can actually make these things now.

I have lots to learn and will be sharing some of the cooler things (at least cool to me) with you all. So stay tuned!


In other news, Fruny, IrishArtist and I are working towards our card game and have nearly completed the initial design of the game. While Fruny is putting together a card client in Python and IrishArtist is doing some card design work, I'm tweaking the ruleset and figuring out how the card system will work. We've gotten quite a number of offers for help, ranging from art to audio to additional programming, so we'll be seeing just who we'll need in the next few days here.


San Diego is two days away and I'm ready for some fun times. We'll be there for six days (18th through 24th) and will be hitting all the tourist spots in addition to visiting the relatives. We'll be going to Seaworld, Balboa Park (Zoo), that beach with the sea lions (forgot the name), and a number of other places. I'm going to try to get in a game of golf with my cousin but our schedule is pretty tight.

Until next time!





And so it begins...

Thanks to pan I have a month-long subscription and as soon as PayPal gives me the verification numbers, I'll be up to one year. I'd just like to take this time to welcome everyone here and hope you stick around for the long-term, as I plan on sharing my thoughts, designs and development. Thanks again for visiting, more to look forward to soon. [smile]



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