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About this blog

My trials and tribulations of getting an independent development studio off the ground.

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I will only blog about things I have done; I will not blog about things I am going to do. More coming soon...




ZootSuitGames is go!

Well after being laid off from my day job last week, I'm looking at this as an opportunity to give the Indie game path a shot! For instance, I don't think I will ever find a game dev job in my hometown unless I make it myself. Anyways, I expect to upgrade this website and add lots more journal entries in the next few weeks. Here are the 3 upcoming projects on the docket for ZootSuit Games:

1) Arriana: more of an art piece than a game, but probably has the most aesthetic potential as well as being the simplest to put together. This should take me less than a week to finish if I focus and can figure out what I'm doing with OpenGL/Iphone.

2) Astro Limo: A clone of the classic space taxi, make money picking up delivering goods and aliens from one place to another. Should take a month to put together, and can be a sub-game within the next project:

3) Astro Jake: Casual RTS/Trading Space game with elements from M.U.L.E., mario cart, space taxi, and traditional RTS games...

Anyways right now going through the Beginning Iphone book as well as packing up stuff to go into storage. You should hear more from me soon!

If anyone is going to be at E3, I'll be there tuesday, dressed as a walking studio logo. Please come say hi to me!




From the GDC

Haven't updated as often as I intended... Taking a week off from my dayjob to volunteer at the GDC... It's very inspiring and stimulating, a bit exhausting too.

I hope to find some time to make some progress on my indie game demos... My goal is to make a space themed multiplayer RTS sort of game with lighthearted comic-book type artwork. Gameplay combining aspects of Space Taxi, M.U.L.E.,and driving about in a moon buggy on an isometric landscape. My target platform will be the Iphone. But to keep simple I'll start with some prototypes of the different aspects of gameplay keeping it as simple as possible.



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