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About this blog

The Journal of a Game Developer who still has a long way to go!

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Becoming a Community Manager?

I've already told you about my programming bug: It isn't the only thing that bugs me. Every week or so, I have my own debate/research-a-thons on what I should focus on for what I want to do with my future career. I kinda have to, with my oldest sister off to Melbourne today for the National Percussion Eisteddfod (Her school group winning the state championships a few weeks ago), and my other sister one of the smartest kids in her grade....I really have nothing too major to credit to my name, other than The RPG Tree, and my membership here, (if you can count that...)

I had another on some of these debates/research-a-thons over the past few school free days, and I think I've finally come to something: It has taken me over 12 months to do so, but I believe my career in game development is being a community manager for computer games. This job would suit my three passions in life: Meeting new people, going new places, and doing new things. I really do think it is where I would rather be, and even though I'd probably not be making my dream game, I'd still be having the time of my life.

Now that I think I've finally decided once and for all, its time to make a few changes...I'm thinking of once and for all shutting down my online game, and lay it to rest. It's had its moment, but now I really do think the journey is over. It's been great, and I think without making it, I don't think I'd be where I am today.

As for The RPG Tree: This would probably help me with my career, running a community and all, but I need to make it get it more active. We haven't had a new and active (excluding one, which spammed his way up to the top 10 posters at around 530, before been banned by the friend who invited him in the first place) member who has stuck with us since...I don't know: Its been months! I'll be working with the team to try and come up with a new strategy for growth, but it will be awhile till we see anything really come about.

Now I've gotta figure out how I can get involved in becoming a community manager: Been a writer looks like one way, and I might look into that abit more. But for now, I'm currently downloading the client for The Lord of the Rings Online: I love the books and movies, and I'm getting abit sick of Guild Wars, but it will be good to go back to it. The client is 5.7GB, so it might take not end til 10pm tonight (The download has been running since 4pm yesterday, with an average speed of 40kb...stinking AAPT...)




Fury going down....

I just got the news: Fury, the first MMO to come out of Oz, is been shut down, now within a few hours. And as I poor over the facts, and the massive amounts of information and facts by going over news reports and forum postings, I now briefly reflect over the game.
When I personally saw it the first time, my impressions were that this would be a good game; That quickly changed when I saw it was PvP focused. I just couldn't see that been successful personally, regardless of what they did. To focus on something so specific as that for me was abit to much to focus on. It was a great idea, and the animation was pretty sweet still!
I never got a chance to play the game: Never did buy the game, nor installed the client from the PC Gaming Magazine I buy (PCPowerPlay). I will always remember though, how it was somehow the 9th biggest selling game in a Harvey Norman store in New Zealand in May: The Kiwi's didn't seem to know much about the game I guess...
It happens: While it its all fun and games, some just don't get the attention they deserve, or just don't survive, in the case of Fury, they barley lasted 10 months....
To cap it off, Auran two founder's, the gaming studio based in Brisbane itself, and the developers for Fury, were once featured as one of the best in state for creating this now dead MMO. It all looked good from the start I guess, but it just wasn't enough...

I'll be posting somewhat soon on my now current project: Just as soon as my artist sends me over the sprites he's been working on, and when I find time between watching the Olympics! GO AUSTRALIA! GO FOR GOLD!




The Programming Bug: Visiting me Monthly!

It's that time on month again: The Programming Bug has hit me again, and now I am thinking about wether or not I could once again try my hand at Programming, and build up another bank of bookmarks on a specific language.
It comes around every so often, usually monthly, and makes me go research a bunch of language's, before deciding on one, downloading the 250MB+ Setup (A Large File for my Slow Broadband that I get 3 days after the start of a month, because my father uses our small 2GB limit in the 3 days...), learning a few basics, before losing the bug, and uninstalling/archiving any information and/or files I've found and made during the week.
It's been going for nearly over a year, where I swear I've installed and uninstalled Express atleast 5 times each, C#/XNA twice, and also used Ruby, Python and javascript once for a week or less. I have an entire folder just filled with websites on information, help and tutorials on all of the above, and now its really getting to a stage where it annoys me so much how I have and will waste so much time on something I know will give up in a matter of days...
My recent bug wants to try again or C#. I kinda do want to, with plans for one of the open source engine's I'm looking at for my online game, (I'll explain that latter..) is looking at been rewritten in, plus the fact in the back of my mind that I will need to decide eventually what I will major in at University, and Programming/Computer Science seems a way for me: Course, I'm only doing Maths A (Maths B is needed as a pre-requisite subject from High School for CS, and I don't want to switch subjects/do a bridging course), and the number of time's of programming, I think I am getting the message that programming isn't for me, for one strange reason or another...

Sorry if this does seem like a pointless rant on my life as a game developer, struggling to find my place...I just felt I needed to spit it out one day, and its better now rather than latter...





Why me joined + My Current Project

Another day, another post (At least on this side of the world...long live AEST!). I haven't explained why I got membership with GDNet, so I'll dive into that, before I go into what my current project is...

As I said before, I have a passion for Game Development. But before I really knew I wanted to do it as a career, GDNet was another one of those websites where I came to once every so often: Recently though, I've been very interested in the Journals here, reading about the various projects from the members, and then going back and reading posts made 3/6/12 Months ago. I've also gained interested in viewing the site daily during class and lunch time, cause of the daily news postings about the rest of the gaming and game development world.

I've personally wanted to have my own record of myself online, but every time I've tried its failed, manly due to motivation issues, and the fact I tend to type on subjects that I realize after I finish the post no one will really care, let alone read the entire thing, about what I really did do on Friday night. Atleast here, I am paying cash for a GamedDev journal I know I'll update, because I visit the site often, and there will be a small number of people that will be interested: I hope more, but even its only just a few people, I'll be fine with that!

I've also been lurking around the forums, just reading all the game project announcements and help wanted topics that do catch my eye. No posting, just reading. I may start posting here and there, but I haven't been a huge fan of large forum's, manly cause if I become an active member, I have a habit of trying to respond to every topic in a non-spamy way: Which would take a while in any community.

My Current Project

Enough with the introductions! Time to start this journal for its purpose. To begin, I better introduce my project, which currently is...uhhh...

There's your problem: I don't have one right now! Heh...

Finally deciding to really, (REALLY), postpone going to development of an online game for the time being, I've got nothing on my cards, besides drawing the final very basic stick figures comic I'll do for a while too. I've got afew ideas roaming on my head about what I want to do, and the search has been going on for some time now on what I should try next...

I'm looking at a number of things, including going solo with making my own 2D RPG: I have the ideas for it, and I know no one else will really make them for me. The only problem I have with that will be the programming and graphics I'll have todo. I could handle to programming side, but it would take awhile, and graphics as I said before I am no good at, so that project idea is in my bin for now...

I was thinking last night at work (I like my work: being paid for 5 hours by just washing dishes, giving me plenty of time to think, sometimes too much!), that I just help out with someone else's project as a game designer. It would help I guess when I finally get around to my own projects, and would be good just for experience. I am still, after all, the High School student.

There were a few projects that caught my eye yesterday in the help forum, so I might respond to some of them and see what I can get. I also must get home and post up some of the photo's I took of how much game design's I've done. I know its not going to be too much compared to what others have done, but it will show how I really should have gone with game design in the first place...

I'm off to now see what I can find today. I'll come back when I have something.





Hello World!

By way of introduction, I'm manly known on the World Wide Web as Tayuke. I'm a High School Student, currently living in Brisbane, Australia, and have a passion for game development: Ever since I was introduced to the world of game development using RPG Maker in 2005, I've been actively trying to learn as much as I can about how to create video games, and trying to make my own. That doesn't mean I've been to successful...but there have been a few good times :)

I've had three man projects I've have worked on in my short time: The RPG Tree, Universal Worlds, and New History, and even though none of them have been THAT great, I'm happy enough with them to share a brief history on them, and hopeful you'll get some idea of what I've done...

The RPG Tree

This really isn't a project, in the fact that it's just a website. It was founded by a guy we knew as Steveo, on July 4th, 2005, and was focused around the help and support of RPG Maker. Myself, and others eventually joined (Myself looking for help with RPG Maker), and soon it did become a fairly active community. Steveo, however, didn't show too much interest in the community, so much so that he allowed the forum's database to crash on the 15th of January, 2006, leaving now the well established community in the dark...

I, however, really didn't want to totally lose the community, and eventually started to try and get in contact with Steveo a few weeks after the crash: I did in the end, 8 months latter, and after a brief MSN Conversation, managed to convince him to start a new one. Although myself and a few others were happy with the Tree finally restored, and everyone I managed to get an email out to after finding there emails too through Google Cache, most of the old members had moved on from Game Development, or atleast RPG Maker, myself included, and became inactive...from there, we did have a few active members, but with Steveo losing interest again, and the forum's been attacked by SpamBots, I been Co-Admin, took over, and moved the community over to my web server, where it currently resides...

Today, it isn't as big as it used to be, but I'm still happy with it. We just went through a upgrade, with a new portal and theme (Shout out to Ktbabe for making the theme that fit's in perfectly with the community). Feel free to join (, but watch out Zeekyman's and DELTA's random posts..seriously, if those two had the chance, they'd both fight it out to the death...

Universal Worlds

This is my main game development project: I was introduced to the world of online game making in November, 2005, when a new member to The RPG Tree needed help with his new online game, and I've been active in online game making until recently, for over two years. My online game, which official began on the 1st of December, 2005, and now known as 'Universal Worlds', had its biggest success a year latter, when it was released in its public testing stages on the 1st of December, 2006.

The public testing stages were a great learning stage for me in maintaining an active community of players, and creating a world for all's enjoyment. Sadly, it was short lived, and I had to make the sad action of taking of the server on the 15th of January, 2007, due to game engine's problem's that hadn't and weren't going to be fixed by the engine makers anytime soon.

Universal Worlds has had its spin-offs, including the comic 'The Adventures of the Rat', and the story 'The Adventures of a Universal Traveller', two very same names, and where I got my journal title from. Just thought I say that ;)

I must point out I was trying to make an online role-playing game: Not your next MMORPG, whose gonna be "tH3 WoW kiLLer!!!!!1111"
At the moment, this game is currently at a standstill: I want to work on it, but I really don't have the free time to dedicate myself to this project. I'm not sure when I will start again, but it won't be anytime in the next month..bleh :(

New History

New History has to be my most successful single player game I've made myself. I started development on this game in November, 2007 using RPG Maker 2000, and released a demo on the 1st of December, 2007. However, I really decided I couldn't keep this project going, manly due to motivation issues, and the demo release was really the end of it. I did however get a positive response from it, and am thinking of maybe one day remaking it.


I still haven't explained why I got my membership here, among other things, but they'll all have to wait: I can't be late for work. Til next time!




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