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Working hard

Not much this week in the BIT cronicles. Recieved a very good book on 3D Graphics and Animation, by Mark Giambruno. There is a plethera of tutorials, insight from specialist in the field and breaks down the art work great! I've enjoyed the book up to this point and am ready to get startted in development of the character portion of BIT. I start the first two classes on the 2nd of Septemeber for Westwood. There is quite a bit of info coming from the school as for game development course. I have to start with the norm for courseware as usual. Starting with office apps, adn how to become a master student. Normal but that is okay, the book has some interesting sets of exercises that help keep you on track. I have written some of the instructors to greet them and soon I will start asking how the course is laid out. From this point I hope to incorporate BIT into the course to finish the abstract of the design by the middle of 2010. At this point I should be well deep into the physics and hopefully starting to base the A.I. functions behind the game. The great thing that westwood offers is after graduation you can attend any class for credit for free, unless it is required for your next higher degree.




Aug 20, 2008

Well work has been hectic up to this point. Getting started in classes have been pretty intense, but I finally have ordered my books. Computer apps, and Successful stratagies, is the first classes. UGH! I have taken so many computer application classes that I think I could write a paper alone on just how many ways to open word, excel, and access programs. But as always new college courses always demand you accept there carriculum for there degree. Although I am excited about getting the classes done and out of the way and get down into the programming aspect fundementals will be soon.

Not much really on BIT this week. Still working on the story panels to get my ideas down and flowing. The character work is going to be a little tough but I think it will come together in the end. I was thinking when it comes to a sequal to the design (I know way off to the future) but changing the ERA would be real easy to bring up. The time line can be infinate once passing the future levels so the early levels will take some tweaking, but thats way down the road.

Mark Overmars ideas for Alternate reality in the day was really expressive in his design. Sad to say that it didnt come to pass when he started working the arena, would have liked to see the wilderness, revelation, and beyond come to play. I was really looking forward to the remake in PC versions, the Dungeon would have been awsome to build with todays technology.

Well off to surf the post and see whats new...




First Entry-

Well I am starting college courses in game development next month. Hoepfully everything goes well. From time to time I will be making entries into my journal about a game I have always tried to design. I am hoping that the classes provide a better understanding then the fragments I have picked up along the way.

I am still looking at trying gamestudios A7 engine for a starter program, it seems to have alot of the necessary products attached to it that work together well. The course at the college uses Maya for the MED from my understanding, as with the gamestudio A7 software products from maya can be loaded and transfer as needed.

I have continued the work on BIT from time to time, the story boards are comign along, I have been reading a few books on Graphic novelist which had some pretty good insite into developing the story line. Trying to stay away from it though since a story has a start and an ending. The basis of BIT is to build your time in the game to what you want to become, not so much a fixed idea in a of following the road to success. From what I have read from gamasutra and other sites producing a product the sellers are more apt to have a story line. Although I think Quake was based on a pretty broad spectrum.

Half-life had a great storyline, although other then the physics engine the game is pretty limited on its follow-on format.

Will work on it some more...



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