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About this blog

First and foremost, I am a newbie game developer. My first game is an RTS called "Modern Warfare"

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In the year 20AA, or approximately 2200AD, the Hammer Corporation was the ruling body of what was both North and South America. In the late 2000's a tiny negatively charged particle, now known as a clorid, was found rotating around the nucleus of an atom. Thanks to newer technologies, the clorid was able to be seen and is approximately 1/100000000 of the size of an electron. Through manipulation via radiation, scientists were able to find a resonating source of negative and positive energy that could be harnessed for everything. New medicine was researched that utilized clorids that could cure any known disease. Energy prices were extinct as everything could utilize the clorids. New answers were given to how we got here. It was the greatest scientifical discovery in history. At the same time corporations in the "free world" were getting very large and very powerful. The executives at the Hammer Corporation, based out of Phoenix, started investing billions of dollars into research of clorids. The scientists involved in the project found that the clorid not only resonated energy, they were also all connected via negatively and positively charged pathways known as axons. This meant that everything in the universe was in some way connected to each other. These reports were never published publicly. Shortly after that finding, experiments began in remote places of the world to find out more about these axons and their possibilities. One of these projects, now known as KillSwitch, began researching ways in which to affect objects through manipulation of the clorid axons. The researchers involved in the project came up with many machines that could be attached to a human. The first major breakthrough came when they were able to shoot a negatively charged clorid down an axon, basically ripping apart the equilibrium of the end clorid. An atom bomb is a water pistol compared to the destruction of this new weapon. Even for the Hammer Corporation, it was too hard to keep this experiment secret. Word spread like wildfire through every country of the world, igniting a frenzy of speculation. All the governments were on edge because of not knowing what had happened and who had made it happen. The three largest countries: the United States, Russia, and China started arming their nuclear weapons. It was known as "The War That Could Have Been." The Hammer Corp evacuated close to a half a million people to a remote island where they had built a monstrous underground fallout shelter, the largest ever built. Then in 2180, approximately 100 years after the discovery of the clorid, the Apocalypse began.





I've decided to once again get serious about developing a game. I will be starting out with my old project (starting from scratch) called KillSwitch. It's a fast-paced 3D FPS with fantasy and futuristic elements. Since i'm starting all over again, I decided I would actually write up a design document this time around. So today marks the day I begin my journey! Check back soon as I should have my first revision of my design document up!



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