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Hi everybody, this is Rafa from FeverGames and im going to present to you the engine the rest of the team have been building the last months, as i haven't contributed alot to the current state of the engine.

The engine is programmed in c# and is based upon SlimDX.

Some of the features implemented include:

  • Deferred shading system

  • Instancing

  • Advanced culling system based on a icosept tree data structure

  • Virtual File System with transparent support for dynamic loading from zip files

  • Scalable Plugin Architecture

  • Custom Content processors

Now i'll show you a little demo to test deferred shading and instancing.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Along with the engine it is being developed an easy to use world editor with event driven scripting.

Take a look at it :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Pretty isn't it? :)

I'll be trying to post more screenshots this weekend, but for now it is all.

See you later.
Yeah i know what you might be thinking. Who the hell wants to name its stuff under Fever Games. What? Are you going to sneez playing our game(s)? anyway. We are simply five students that share a passion to create a (small?) engine and try to make a game sometime. We want to post updates about the engine and the level editor that will be build along with it.
The thing is that we were building into a pretty good direction, untill we found out we actually didn't really have any room to really _integrate_ shading systems, like for example deferred shading or multipass shading. We did make deferred shading test cases, but implementing it would dramatically screw the engine into one gigantic pile of .... Not to mention a nice way of rendering to multiple viewports, or stuff like multithreading. So we decided to redesign and take in advance what we are trying to achieve. I guess you have to learn by trial and error, right? Right now we mostly have 2 viewports with each having a triangle. One of them is _spinning_.

So the engine will be writting in and with:
- C#
- SlimDX latest version
- Ageia PhysX wrapper
- Native input
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