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My programming (Life) stories.

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Level Editor Alpha 4.1

Today seemed like a good day to record a few changes to the level editor. For those that do not know, this isn't a level editor like my other ones, it can be used to make anything from an RPG to a space shooter. However it only supports 2D for now. I will also be briefly talking about the engine part as well.

Some new changes I added in are:

- Better GUI (Which has already been stated before, just not in another video)
- Bigger Map Size View
- Map Background Color
- Background Loading
- Live Scrolling, Left or Right with a speed option
- Flashing Graphics to show which one you're selecting
- Help Section

Watch the video below:

Click HD, to watch in HD!
" target="_blank">




Monster Concept Art

I spent some time this evening working on another piece! I think it turned out very well, however I had some major issues with the teeth, which are not great but not horrible either.

I hope you all like this picture, any comments would be greatly appreciated!




Alien Concept Art

Since I'm going to be working my butt off on producing some nice games, I need to step up my quality of work. I spent around 3 hours working on this alien painting. I would like to do a full body one, however that is going to require a lot more time. I mainly did this guy for fun anyhow, plus I would like to put him on my website some where.

I hope you all like this picture, any comments would be greatly appreciated!




New Site Layout

I was able to complete my new and final layout which will hopefully last for a year or so; Assuming I don't change it again. The layout really looks a lot better then my old black and gray one, but who knows.

Any comments on the new layout would be appreciated.

Check Out My Blog: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/




Level Editor In Alpha 3 Stage!

Sadly I didn't get a lot of time to make a maze game today because I was very busy with the engine code. The engine code consist of a few classes that you add into your project, which will read all of the files from the level editor and setups everything. This allows me to make any size map with as many tiles, objects, players, and enemies as I want with positions saved and more. Not to mention the collision system works like a charm and carries over. I can then take everything and merge it into my game without having to do anything but making an object of the engine class and calling the load functions.

Now onto the level editor which has hit the alpha 3 stage. Here are some screen shots of the new GUI that I made. I'm using my Game # 1 (Holy Warfare: Demon Brutes) graphics.

Layer viewing has been fully enabled. You also get a gray background showing your map area. Camera problems got fixed due to an issue with tiling on the bottom section of the map on bigger maps. Some minor additions have also been added such as a bigger map display screen.

Be sure to check out the video in my last entry of you haven't yet.

Watch the video below:

" target="_blank">

The next video I will be making will be a live presentation of me making a level, along with making it into a small game from nothing but a new project file with C# and XNA while using the editor and engine. Stay tuned!

Check Out My Blog: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/




Semi-Completed Project

I've been away from journal land for over a week, almost my record! However, I've been hard at work on completing something special that will make my life a lot easier. No I'm not on the mail bridal order sites! I've been working on a general level editor with tile, object, player, enemy features like placement, importing graphics and more. I've also worked on a collision system that the level editor takes care of. Right now I'm finishing up the class that deals with a lot of the editor files so I can use that in any game to work with the editor.

Watch the video below:

" target="_blank">

I spent around two days getting into C# and XNA before I made this, so I'm still a bit rusty. I'm going to make a maze game with this on Sunday and hopefully have a completed game on Monday to show, along with something else I've been working on. This will be my replacement project for Game # 1, and well worth replacement if I may add.

Some features I'm adding in tonight are the following:

- Bigger Map screen
- Layer View GUI
- Map Color Background (So it all doesn't look black)

Future additions are:

- Better GUI
- Unit settings (Like Health, Attack Damage, ect...)

I will also be posting my full entries into my GameDev journal. Just so people don't have to click over to my blog every time.

Check Out My Blog: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/




Unit Attacking Screen Shot (No Animations)

It's been awhile since I have shown anything worth viewing, so I've finished the major programming for the Units. I wont be showing any of the cool units or even these peasants with upgrades, but I will show...

Read the rest of this blog at: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/?p=23




Pixel art animations, the horror!

Yes it's true, I stink at pixel art animations and when I mean I stink I mean I stink beyond belief! Right now all I have left to do is program the rest of the...

Read the rest of this blog at: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/?p=20




New changes to Holy Warfare: Demon Brutes

I've been hard at work finishing up this game but I ran into some GUI problem which wouldn't allow buttons to work properly, thankfully it's all fixed now. I was thinking about adding a new addition to the game that would allow the player to change how...

Read the rest of this blog at: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/?p=16




Brand new website along with upcoming game.

I've been looking at making a new website for some time now, something a little less basic than lines everywhere. I spent most of my ...

Read the rest of this blog at: http://www.pawliukstudios.com/blog/?p=10




Game # 1 Update 10

A lot of progress has been made since this weekend. All of the units have graphically been completed. I'm also almost done the GUI Menu, which should have been done before the units. I still need to add in a few more things, GUI wise. Here is a screen shoot of me clicking my top left structure block and seeing what I can build. I have all of the building data shown on mouse over, and you build by clicking it. Yes I know it has Gold as 0, I haven't set pricing yet.

The name on the top left is the current structure you have selected. The picture below it relates to that structure name. So if I had a farm building and I clicked it, I would see the name Farm with it's picture under it, along with it's information.

Here is the Farm built and the GUI menu for it.

Once you upgrade the next one will display.

I'm not looking to make fancy GUI menus here, and really have no intention of doing so. As long as the menus work, I'm happy with it. Now here is a list for what I need to complete in order to finish this game.

- Finish Structure Building
- Add in a menu GUI on the top of the game screen
- Make a main menu
- Finish the unit programming
- Set building stats, along with unit stats
- Add in HP Bars for structures and unit groups
- Finish up the building effects, such as Holy Rain.
- Complete the three levels of AI

All of this should take around two weeks.




Game # 1 Update 9

This is the second update of the day! I've just finished up the Farm and Barrack units. Which first comes out as a Peasant with a Pitchfork, then with Chain Mail upgrade, and the last upgrade, the Spear. Then for the Barracks, Knight, Knight with Lance, then on a Horse.

It's a little time consuming for me to get these units done because I'm forced to do very tiny pixel art. I'll do the best I can with each unit and hopefully this comes out alright.

Off to finish the rest of the units and get a demo out soon!




Game # 1 Update 8

This is just a small update that fixes the look of the trees. Normally I wouldn't bother with it, but I thought I could quickly make something better. It only took two minutes anyhow.

Old Trees:

New Tree:

Here are the two screen shots with the new trees, or I should say tree; I got rid of the grouping.

Those trees are now final, I'm not changing them again. Either way, they're a great improvement on the old tree set.




Game # 1 Update 7

I've finished all the graphics for the structures and added in some trees! I've also finished the title screen, along with the name of this game.

NOTE: Image quality is a bit low on these screen shots.

Now onto the screen shots! No GUI yet sadly, but I will be working on it this weekend. The first screen shot shows the structure building blocks, the second shows some structures from both sides. Before you see the new screen shots, just a trip down memory lane.

Old Look:

New and Final Look:

I hope you all like the screen shots. I plan on getting some units finished as soon as I can. I'm not a great pixel artist, and tried some isometric buildings. I believe everything turned out pretty nicely.

Until next time, I'm off to finish this GUI and get units up and running!




Game # 1 Update 6

There isn't much to update on, but I will inform those that are watching this project of some changes. O-san brought up the idea of adding in trees, rocks, and anything to give more life to the maps. I fully agree on this and really wanting to work on implementing such things. Here will be a list of things I'm doing and will show you all on the next update.

1. Redoing Graphics

The graphics need to be cleaned up. So I'm going to clean up everything to make the game look much nicer. I will be redoing all the tiles you see and add in some nicer graphics. This phase will be the final result for the visuals you see.

2. Title Screen Complete

The title screen will be drawn and fully colored by the next update.

3. GUI Menus Up

I will be displaying the GUI menus in the next update.

I'll be hard at work on getting this done as soon as I can. I will have both evil and good buildings to show in the next screen shot so check back for the next update.




Game # 1 Update 5

I've been hard at work trying to draw up some buildings and so far so good! I've changed a few things with this game, which I will discuss after I show two screen shots, but first here is a rough sketch of the title screen for the game. Nothing fancy, but I'll see what I can do with it.

Now onto the the two screen shots.

[Changes Made - Start]


The temple is now gone! Don't panic just yet! ;) Your main objective is to protect your building spots and destroy theirs, which means those silver balls will have a health bar. If the enemy destroys your building spot you can no longer build there. However, when you have a building on that spot, they cannot hurt your building spot unless they destroy the building over top of it.

You will receive a few minutes where the building spots on both sides cannot be damaged to allow you time to build on each spot.

Top vs Bottom:

Combat is now left to right! The reason behind this change is to allow the user to see all of the action without having to scroll up or down. This also makes it look much cleaner, being a smaller game and all.

One Less Building Spot:

Normally you would see five spots, however to get the game to look proper I had to take out one building spot. This will not hinder the game in any way and will allow more thinking when selecting your build orders.

[Changes Made - Finish]

I have the following buildings left to make:

- Workshop
- Holy Well
- Angel Barracks
- Cross
- Fire Stand
- Demon Barracks
- Demon Alter

The Angel Barracks and Demon Barracks will look the same as the standard barracks, but with an aura around it. I might add some more details, however it depends. I'm looking to finish this game before the end of this month, however I still have until June 29 2009 to keep on track. If I manage to finish earlier it leaves more time in case I run into problems with the other nine games. Not to mention that all of these games wont be as small either.

Programming wise all I need to do now is get the GUI up and put in units. Afterwords I need to work in the AI and some minor things to finish. All structures have classes and are fully done.

Well that is all for now, back to finish up the workshop structure drawing!




Game # 2 Sneak Preview

For those that haven't please check the entry below for the new peasant concept art.

I thought I would just show a sneak preview for Game # 2, however I wont go into any detail other than this image!

Have a great mothers day!




Game # 1 Update 4

I just spent the last hour working on the concept art for the peasant (which really should be a farmer, coming out of a farm building and all), and I believe I did a pretty good job on finishing it up.

Here is the old concept art:

Here is the new concept art:

Right now I'm off to finish up the GUI and hopefully pull out a screen shot of what it looks like. This wont happen until I finish the structure art though, since all I have is very poor place holder art.

Any comments on the new concept art would be greatly appreciated.




Game # 1 Update 3

Mothers day is coming up this Sunday, so I will not be working on the game during that time. So my plan for today and tomorrow is to get a GUI up and running along with structure building. All of the structure classes are complete! All I need to do now is finish the GUI, each unit class and get some visual action rolling! I still need to finish some concept art, which I will be using for the building preview pictures along with unit portraits. For now I'm just using place holder graphics for the structures and temple.

I'm not fully sure if I will keep to my old GUI, or just make a new one, but I'll see what works best for this game. The old GUI was was going to be a standard sidebar that shows data based on what you're selecting. The new GUI I was planning to use keeps the play area in full view and pops up a box when you click a structure with it's data, while keeping gold and temple health at the top of your screen.




Game # 1 Update 2 + Random Drawing!

Hello everyone! Good progress has been made on Game #1. I've programmed almost all of the building classes, just a few to go! Afterwords I need to work on the unit classes and get some form of a UI up! After that I'm going to work on getting building done and worry about units coming out after. I'll be spending some time on the AI, however I'll leave it for last. I'll work on some concept art sometime in the next week or so. Until then, programming, programming, and more programming.

Now for a random drawing I did this evening!




CSS Web Devlopment Burned By IE

Back in 2000 I use to make a lot of websites on my free time. As the years went up until a few days ago, I never really cared for CSS, since I had no idea what it was really about because I was just stuck with using tables. Today I built a site using mainly CSS with borders. I found it was a lot faster to develop websites, not to mention you only need to change your .css to effect every html file you have that uses that cascading style sheet. To my surprise, well not really, IE 6 and 7 wouldn't display my site properly. I have a left menu the middle menu and a right menu. The left menu has float: left and the right has float: right. So I ended up using margin: auto to center my middle content area. IE displays it all the way at the bottom but still centered, while Firefox displays it side by side, Left Menu ->

width: 200px;
height: 490px;
float: left;
background-color: #343b67;
padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px;
border-top: 4px solid black;
border-right: 4px solid black;

width: 200px;
height: 490px;
float: right;
background-color: #343b67;
padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px;
border-top: 4px solid black;
border-left: 4px solid black;

width: 624px;
height: 490px;
margin: auto;
padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px;
border-top: 4px solid black;
background-color: #343b67;

The above makes the site display like this in Firefox:

| Left | Main | Right |

In IE it displays like this:

| Left |.......| Right |
........| Main |.........

I guess I'm going to have to go back to using tables. Why IE doesn't support the standards is beyond me. Considering how much money Microsoft makes, there is no excuse to be behind.




Game # 1 Update 1

This is the first update on my progress for Game # 1, which has yet to receive a name. I'm just finishing up the Farm class. Every structure will have a similar class that contains three upgrades and five possible buildings. Each building will require it's own upgrades. Once that building is sold or destroyed, you must re upgrade that structure when you rebuild it. The more of one farm you have, the faster units come out. The same goes for effects, if you had three Holy Wells, then you would receive it's effects much faster.

Here is my Farm.h

// Farm Class

#pragma once

class Farm

// Farm
int Farm_Cost;
bool Farm_Building[5];
bool Farm_Built[5];

// Upgrades
bool Farm_Upgrading[5];
bool Improved_Pitchfork[5];
bool Chain_Mail_Armor[5];
bool Spear[5];


// Public Upgrade Stats
int Improved_Pitchfork_Stats;
int Chain_Mail_Armor_Stats;
int Spear_Stats;

// Constructor

// Destructor

// Buy
int Buy();

// Sell
int Sell();

// Build Farm 1
void Build_Farm_1();

// Build Farm 2
void Build_Farm_2();

// Build Farm 3
void Build_Farm_3();

// Build Farm 4
void Build_Farm_4();

// Build Farm 5
void Build_Farm_5();

// Destroy Farm 1
void Destroy_Farm_1();

// Destroy Farm 2
void Destroy_Farm_2();

// Destroy Farm 3
void Destroy_Farm_3();

// Destroy Farm 4
void Destroy_Farm_4();

// Destroy Farm 5
void Destroy_Farm_5();

// Upgrade Farm 1
void Upgrade_Farm_1();

// Upgrade Farm 2
void Upgrade_Farm_2();

// Upgrade Farm 3
void Upgrade_Farm_3();

// Upgrade Farm 4
void Upgrade_Farm_4();

// Upgrade Farm 5
void Upgrade_Farm_5();

// Produce Farm 1
void Produce_Farm_1();

// Produce Farm 2
void Produce_Farm_2();

// Produce Farm 3
void Produce_Farm_3();

// Produce Farm 4
void Produce_Farm_4();

// Produce Farm 5
void Produce_Farm_5();

There is a lot more in the cpp file than what you see above. The only thing left to finish in this class, would be the Produce functions along with some more checks. Which will be finished once I complete the Peasant class.

I can use the above class to finish the other three general buildings no problem. Then I have six more buildings left, three good, three evil. I will need to add an effect function in the good and evil classes.

I haven't finish any real good art, so I just made a bunch of place holder art until the game progresses more. I will then work on the art once I'm done a lot more than what I have now.

Well, I'm back to work.




Going to school plus 10 games in 2 years!

As some might have noticed, my links are all removed. I had a lot of trouble uploading images through GameDev.net, once I deleted them I was able to upload again, maybe I had too many files. I've decided to host them myself for now.

Things have been pretty hectic lately, based on the results on my MRI, I'm going to have to go to post secondary and get a job, outside of labour. This isn't really a bad thing since I wanted to do a computer based job, it's just I was getting a reasonable amount on money doing warehouse work. While I was working I intended on going to post secondary, just not right away. So I'm doing some correspondence now while waiting until January to start school. I'll be taking a degree in Computer Systems Technology which takes two years. There's big demand here for people with programming degrees, so it shouldn't be hard to find work, even with the government as an analyst.

Ziron Realms will be on hold because I have a plan to make ten smaller games before I graduate post secondary. The reason why I'm doing this is to build my portfolio while looking for a job.

Here's a quick visual I put together of my Necromancer area from Ziron Realms.

Note: This contains art put together in photoshop, not an actual game play screen shot. Fire torches are not animated for this picture, just the fire traps.

The first game I plan on making is pretty simple. You will have two sides, good and evil. Both sides have five building spots and their temple. You can click any one of those building spots to build a structure which produces units and/or special effects. Both sides have general structures and team specific structures. Each structure has three different upgrades which stack. Your objective is to produce counter units and take out as many guys as possible to gain gold. Your units will than move in to destroy structures and the enemy temple. Once your temple is gone, you loose. Here's a visual example of the playing field.

General structures are the following:

- Farm
- Barracks
- Workshop
- Archery

Good structures are the following:

- Holy Water Well
- Angel Barracks
- Cross

Evil structures are the following:

- Fire Stand
- Demon Barracks
- Demon Alter

Each structure produces a main unit with upgrades. Some structures can do some very interesting things.

The game consists of managing your build order, doing upgrades, and using effects. All your units will be controlled by the AI and will proceed to the enemy temple, killing units and structures on the way.

As you might have noticed, due to the fact all you control are structure blocks and upgrades along with effects, this game isn't as complex to make as one might think; Such as an RTS.

Here's some concept art I drew up.



Units will be shown from a birds eye view, along with buildings. You will have a scrollable playing field to view the battle. You will also have a side menu for upgrades and more.

There will be three levels of AI I will program, easy, normal, and hard. Which only effect what build orders the computer uses, and if they build counter structures.

If this game works out fine, I will add in small expansions after all ten games are completed, however that is yet to be determined.

Just to jump back onto Ziron Realms. I know I've changed a lot about the game from the start, but it's going to take a long time to finish as it is due to length of programming, not so much anything else. There is just so much I want to do, I was even planning on adding in networking to do some co-op play, which may never happen. However my network skills are horrible in game development; The computer course covers networking which will be a lot of help. Ziron Realms is more or less my dream game, so I want make something really worth releasing.

I'm off to bed soon, then back to the grind stone with school. Once I'm finished for the day, I'll see about getting some more concept art done. This game shouldn't take more than a month once all the content is done.




Monday - Space Game

Well, Monday is here! Just a note to everyone, I didn't intend on this being a fully featured game, since it was made in three days. I wanted to see what I could complete in three days of work. I didn't really use all of my time in those three days due to the holidays. So I tried to get as much done as possible. The main menu works fine ,and in the game you can move left or right and shoot. You're able to shoot the enemies that fire back at you, however they cannot hurt you. I also didn't make any levels. So what you have is a basic room with enemies shooting everywhere. I also did a quick song, but I had to use a sequencer due to the amount of time left.

I was not able to put in O-sans repaint of my ship due to the lack of time. I think the blue ship will do just fine for now.

DOWNLOAD - [5.28 MB]


This was developed on Windows XP SP3.
This has not been tested on Windows Vista but please try if you have it.

This will only run on Windows Platform.

If you have any trouble running the .exe download

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)




I don't believe I did too bad, considering how much time I had. I might work on a full featured space game sometime soon. Right now I need to finish Ziron Realms. I hope everyone had a good Easter!




Day 3 Space Game

Happy Easter everyone!

I have less than 12 hours until Monday, so I'll be hard at work. I've got a bit more programming left to do still. Sadly I haven't started on any music yet, so I might just have enough time to finish a song. I wont be able to get sound effects done in time, unless I can compose a good song quickly. Below is a screen shot of what I've got so far.


O-san was nice enough to show me a cool paint over with my main ship that he did.


Very impressive!

Well, I'm back to work, have a great Easter everyone!



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