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Rules and Tips of Organizing the Power of your Gam

Rules and Tips of Organizing the Power of your Game Idea.
Journal Entry by AndrewA.

So, you want to know the secrets. Eh?

Well here are few tips and rules on how to stay Organized and keep the Power your Game Idea needs.

Number 1 rule- No game idea is too intricate nor too dull. Keep everything you write or draw or whatever you do in a safe place for later use. (i.e. External Hard drive or USB flash drive.) {TIP--} An idea may come to mind later on if you decide to save it till the end middle or beginning.

Number 2 rule- A game is a game. Whether its in development or still just an idea flourishing in your mind. You may want to keep a pen and paper around just in case. {TIP--} You never know when you may strike it big in the gaming world always keep a pen and paper for your safety, this goes along with Rule 1.

Number 3 rule- Remember, that time when Jimmy and I went to the jungle together? We had to slay the mighty Tuna fish tiger. {TIP--} Sometimes using real world events either in yours or someone else could shed light on the next part of your Idea, whether fictional or real or both. Rule numbers 1 & 2 apply here.

Number 4 rule- Father time has his rewards. Don't expect the game to immediately pop out of the air and be done. Time my friend is a beautiful thing especially in the game world. But there is a down side to it too. {TIP--} The longer the game is in development the older the Engine gets and the availability to downside the project grows.

Number 5 rule- The very MOST important rule is number five. Always have your Idea Organized in any fashion you desire. As long as its ORGANIZED. It has the Power then if its Organized. Whether it be pen and paper or a website wikki whatever it is, make it Organized. {TIP--} Be organized in anything you do. You'll have the upper hand against others.



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