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Update and need some answers

I promised myself that i would blog here at least once a week to first of all,for myself and second to keep anybody who's interested up to date.

In my previous posts i outlined my main goals and ideas about why i'm going in to the gaming market. Like i mentioned before, i wanted to make sure that i could actually learn the basic stuff to manage and even create game content or at least manage and/or lead a team of game designers/coders/writers and so on.

Many things have happened sins my last 2 posts wish i will write down below,

- I realizes a fatal flaw of myself and thats that i'm not good teaching myself. I realized this when i learned php and even basic html a couple of years ago. After trying for months i just couldn't get the pieces together and then i decided to start evening classes wish gave big improvements to my learning process.
Same problems are facing me right now, and i can't see that trees behind the forest. I'm currently watching videos on 3dbuzz.com and some amazon programing book about c & c++.

Yesterday i wrote down all mayor questions i have and these will hopefully give me a better understanding of what needs to be done. Hope to get a lot of responds so i can get a better understanding and get a little closer to my goals (baby steps are still steps right).

For anyone who hasn't read my previous posts, here is a little recap.
I want to create my AAA multi-player game, i have the investment to fund a semi large team but don't have programing skills, i have extended knowhow and experience in "entertainment marketing" but again, no experience in working or leading a team of developers. Thats why i'm here to see if i can learn the necessary knowledge of game programing to "maybe" make my project a reality.

Here are the questions that i would like to get answers to.

1. I would like to select a game engine to speed up the procces but still haven't figured out wish would be best to use for MMO & multi-player games.(my personal interest goes out to unreal because it has proven itself and theres a lot of documentation about it.But maybe you have better suggestions for me.

1a. The Unreal Engine 3 licenses agreement got my confused. I want to purchase as many licenses as required but don't really get what i need to purchase so the 25% rev deal applies . Can't imagine all developers using unreal engine are paying a 25% cut. (i know its free but not when used commercially).

2. I'm looking for guides,blogs, books that cover "making a game" but then on a manager, funder, producer perspective. (like i mentioned before, i don't want to become a developer but want to know what the developers are doing)Good developers blogs are also nice to have. (outlining the problems they faced and so on...)

3. Is there a way i could have a more 1 on 1 training or mentoring so i have somebody to run to when questions arise and guide me to my process. (like the questions i'm asking right now) Any online service or school or anything that resembles my question. A mentor would be best to describe it.

4. Like i mentioned before, i have been very lucky to have the option to invest my own money in my own projects without outside investment. But i still need to get a better picture on project costs such as employment costs, servers, licenses, and so on...

So thise are the most urgent questions on my mind and hope to get lots of advaci from everyone reading this (i know there are a lot of questions but i would really appreciate it to got your input.)





Week 2: Learning Python...

So i have committed myself to blog once a week to keep people updated and to fire out some questions as well.

Oke, so last week after posting the last blog post a desidet to fire out my first questions to the community and i must say that it already has set me on the right track. People still think that i want to create an mmo but thats just a dream as i would already be very satisfied if i could make a pong or maybe even a tetris game within 1.5 years.

So to follow up on some advice i got from GD.net members i started with looking up some stuff like the unity game engine and python (with woks with unity).

I already found loads of stuff out there(a couple of books and 3dbuzz.com)

I hope i'm doing it right and not skipping any steps.

I do want to ask anybody reading this. What programs does a game development company use (3D, game engine,...). Lets say i to learn basics of everything that involves gaming (online gaming as well)

Let me know what you think and what could be the next step after learning the basics of python.





Newbie introduction to game development.

Hello all,

I'm really exited about joining GameDev.net and hope this can be my ticket to game development.If its oke for you guys i would like to introduce myself and tell you my goals and intentions for subscribing to gamedev.net (bought the 1 year subscripting so you know i'm serious about joining and learning to develop games)

First of all, my name is Thomas and i'm 23 years old, living near the coast of Belgium.I have a bachelor degree in marketing with extensive knowledge on Online Marketing. I have absolutly no experience what so ever in any kind of programming but that will hopefully chance in the near future. I'm also a father of 1 (soon 2 because the misses is pregnant again). I'm a real mmo fanatic aswell as a fantasy fan. I played all the major fantasy mmo's and always had my own view on how i wanted to create my own mmo but never tought about it any further.

I started thinking (this was about 3 years ago) about how it would want to see my mmo to function so i started to write stuff down, and now 3 years later i have about 800+ pages full. I don't even know how you guys would call this, in the movies they would call it a story line. Let me know how game guys call this.
Everything that i wanted to implement has been written down. Races, classes, PVP, scenario, storyline (needs more input) , and more....

Now, i never thought about it to actually do anything about it but after one of my buddies told my about his brother who works on games that its very hard but not impossible for people like me (no knowledge but eager to learn) to actually make it a reality, even if its just a basic (ugly looking) structure where more professional people can work with. This got me interested so i contacted this guy and he gave me lots of sites to look up on, one of wish is of course GameDev.net
I already browsed trough the forums, and man is it confusing for a noob, lol.

So this is my story as of today.

I will fire out some questions in the newbie section so i can get started.

I will update this tonight with my most needed questions so you can find them more easily.

Cheers and hope to get to know all you guys.



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