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Shadow Warrior Sequel idea

I have been doing some thinking on creating a sequel to the 3D Realm's game Shadow Warrior. I think a remake of the original game (more of a sequel) with the character of Lo Wang being resurrected in the future would work.

The game should try to merge the humor of the original with the future shock element expressed by Lo Wang... and yeah Lo Wang shall get a cool pair of shades in this version.


Lo Wang has woken up in the future to learn that Zilla Corporation has continued Zilla's work via a wet copy of zilla's sentience now mounted inside the ZillaCorp mainframe. ZillaCorp has taken over most of Japan and only a small band of resistance fighters still fight against Zilla Corp. Zilla is now ready for the final push... In a last ditch effort the resistance...resurrect (clone) Lo Wang from his sarcophagus and unleash him on Zilla's minions. Lo Wang's mission to "penetrate" Zilla Corp defenses and destroy the ZillaCorp Mainframe.

after that it's ZillaCorp's turn to bet Wang Banged ...again..


Apart form the games original enemies... this time some new futuristic one's shall be present

Ninjas, Coolies, Coolie Ghosts, Guard Bots, Ripper, Guardian, Serpent Guard, Sumo, Fem Bots, Black Samurais, Zilla Bot.

The final battle between zilla and wang takes place with both of them inside giant robotic mechas.


This time Lo Wang also has some cybernetic implants... and of course the usual weapons with high tech twists...

sword, shuriken, caltrops are mounted on to his bracelets and are accessible any time.

Uzi Machine Pistols (or future equivalent)


Chain Gun, Rail Gun... Rocket Launcher... (Nukes).. Wang got the Shebang...


I am thinking about doing this project Proof Of Concept as a MOD..either Quake III or Doom III.



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