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DirectX & Qt

So I finally figured out which API and GUI framework I am going to use for my game.

For GUI I will be using Qt.
The API is DirectX.

I tried OpenGL and decided it wasn't for me. Maybe after this project I will revisit it.

Back to DirectX & Qt :

Had my first problems with this combination tonight, could not get DirectX linked into Qt.

Below I will show how this was accomplished :

I am using Qt Creator as my IDE.

In your .pro file add the following

INCLUDEPATH += D:\DirectX_Feb2010\Include

HEADERS += d3d9.h += d3dx9.h += d3dx9d.h

win32:LIBS += -L"D:\\DirectX_Feb2010\Lib\\x86" -ld3d9 -ld3dx9 -ld3dx9d

For some reason the source tags aren't showing the (plus)= after INCLUDEPATH, HEADERS & win32:LIBS.

That's it! This bit took me about 10 minutes of frustration and it was super easy!

Hopefully the rest will be easier :D
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