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First, a brief introduction to the project I'm working on. It's sort of a surreal type "game" with elements of horror and mystery. The premise and mechanic is probably most comparable to the cult game LSD but I'm aiming for a completely different visual look. The emphasis will be on atmosphere and exploration, with a logic that is present but somewhat less straightforward than, say, Myst. Furthermore, there won't be nearly as much emphasis on "figuring out" what the logic is, either.

The success of independent games like Minecraft suggest to me that interactivity (or perhaps "personalization" is more accurate?) is a strong selling-point, so I anticipate that many people will not want to play a game that is sort of not a game at all, but who knows? I would like to add small details that react to the player in interesting ways.

I'm creating the environments mostly in Blender, and at the moment I'm prototyping with Blender's game engine. It has its flaws, and I'm not overly proficient with python, but the WYSIWYG/instant gratification aspect is appealing. At this point creating a custom engine seems like overkill and not at all worth the effort of getting the environments loaded and rendered faithfully when Blender naturally does this on its own. Using another game or rendering engine seems reasonable as well but I plan to wait until I find a compelling reason to abandon Blender's game engine (particularly if this would mean spending money).

Here are some screenshots of an area I started working on a while ago. I have finished a few more environments but none of them are as polished as I would like, but I should post more screenshots as well soon.

What do you think of the visual look? Is it too dark on your monitor? Much of the game will take place in daylight or with other artificial lights than the players flashlight.



I've never had a blog before, so I'm not very good at this. Feel free to add feedback, particularly if there's anything particular you're interested in.

Hey, A Blog.

Apparently everyone gets a free blog now. With any luck, I'll actually find the motivation to update this with my game-related projects. In the meantime I shall test the attachment feature by requesting feedback on this theme music for my secret project.theme music.mp3
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