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NetBeans 6.9 over Visual Studios 2010 Express

I have been working lately to port a project to Linux. It is a big project and I had to use an IDE. So I went hunting for good IDE packages available and was pleasantly surprised with what NetBeans had in store for me.

I tried Code::Blocks and found it to be really cool. It had all features any standard IDE would be having, along with that it is very stable. Code::Block however was not my choice as I it had no option to export the Makefile. I learned there are plugins which can export simple makefiles from code block, but thought would try the other two IDE's I have heard about so much. Then came KDevelop, but found it buggy. The latest offering of KDevelop crashed each time I closed it on Ubuntu.

Finally I got NetBeans 6.9. I have to admit I did not expect so many features this one had in store. Auto-completion, syntax highlighting, macros, custom makefiles, custom plugins...Coolest thing was that I found it better the Visual Studios itself. On my machine, which is a bit old, VS Intellisense runs wild. It is so laggy that the editor is always half true about what it interprets and what I have written. And it gets very frustrating when the cursor jumps erroneously.

NetBeans offer everything that VS 2010 Express has to offer me and more. I faced no problems till now and hopefully the road will be smooth as it is.

Lastly, last and the only time I worked in Unix was when I hand build the Makefile and used vi as an editor and had a tad bit of hard time or rather lost time because of not having a good IDE. Now it feels so much better

Thanks for reading.




Cool, I Always Wanted This!

Well how do I start....Ok, first off this is Abhishek from Kolkata. Have been visiting this site since I was in school and its a great effort (this site i mean ).

I started off game development on my own without even having access to internet or books on how to's. My first game was a simple car racing game I wrote when I was in school in C using the age old VGA graphics driver and graphics.h in Turbo C, It ran in DOS. That imbibed a lot of passion for game development, and I was already becoming a good programmer.

When in my 9th grade I was very passionate about cartoon arts and loved reading Tintin. I created my own character and wrote my own strips. That feeling of an imaginary world was the fuel that kept me going even during my pursuit of engineering. By that time I had also gotten into the habit of playing guitar during casual hours. But little did I knew that life outside college would be tough like hell!

So, my first interview was with TCS and I fell for the payroll. But this life is tough, not because it has odd hours (often night shifts to cater for US clients), but because I am a game developer wasting my talent in a department which has extremely low grade development and mostly support work. This is the motivation that keeps me going, that I am in a wrong place and need to get into the right industry. This is the motivation that tells me I should start my own company someday in Kolkata.

Thanks for reading...



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