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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

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Status report

We are still working on the game, and looking back at the roadmap, there are a few things that has taken a different course than planned. Namely, the map has now become a 2D BSP implementation more or less like Doom instead of square tiles. And collisions are now handled using BSP line clipping (as Mr. Carmack would have called it).

Meanwhile, the zombies are getting smarter - i.e. we are currently implementing AI for them (however much a zombie would need actually need intelligence, artificial or not).

And lastly - believe it or not - developer Shozan has begun making 3D models for the zombies. Since no one else seemed to want this job, but it still needs to be done - well, let's just say we are praying that he can make them look like zombies at least.

Until next time,




A beginning

This is the development journal of a game called "Zombie Wedding". More background information about the game idea and its origin will likely be posted in the future. The team is currently two developers and one potential graphics artist. The game itself is written in C# using XNA. Not much time has been spent on it so far, a mere four to five hours at best, but some important features have already been implemented. Here follows a list of things done and not done - a kind of roadmap if you will.


Map with walls and floor
One player
Collision detection against map

Not implemented, or needs improvement

Walls/floors Players Zombies Static (doors, tables, chairs and so on)Animations
Dynamic lights
Zombies Second player(?)Menues and opions
Better collision detection against map
Level 1
Writeup of the background story



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