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The most boring journal on the site. . .

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My Trip to NYC

In my normal vein of babble. . .

I went to New York last week with a friend of mine who happens to have a terminal illness.

We had such a great time just chatting, seeing a few sites, eating pizza. I already miss the fabulous NY Pizza!!

I got to see Seyi, and we had an excellent time talking- although I think the talk was slightly lopsided about my kids. Amazing how much more I like the little beasts from 3000+ miles away!

I got to see my sister and my nephew which was also excellent.

Overall, it was great to get away and have a few minutes to breathe. I tried my hardest not to even think about GDnet, although I did do a TINY bit of work while I was gone. I just want to say thank you to everyone for not needing anything urgently last weekend.

The traveling was a bit harder on me than I thought, so I decided to take my medicine that helps the arthritis the most. Note to self- chemotherapy meds and jetlag do not mix! Holy cow, that was bad! 4 days of trying desperately not to puke and sleeping round the clock. Poor Dave! 5+ days alone with the little terrors and then 4 days of trying to help me and work, all while editing the book.

k, off to bed- still sleepy. Feel free to comment on my typos- I'm too tired to check.




I'm bored and can't sleep

Really, I should be working. No dearth of things to do. Instead, I keep trolling the lounge, insulting various staff members!

It's so much fun to pick on Seyi though, how can I pass it up?!!?

I hate it when it's my day to clean the kitchen- which it almost NEVER is because Dave takes such good care of me. One dish on the counter, and it becomes an insurmountable task! LOL! Add kids into the mix, and it's really bad.

I feel pretty secure that no one really ever checks my journal, so I'll probably ramble on here for a bit. If you ARE by chance checking, I promise you I have nothing interesting to say. I've taken some pain medicine for my hip and I will just type aimlessly for a few paragraphs!

I did have a chance to go to SIGGRAPH last week. I was only there for a day, but was amazed by some of the cool stuff I saw. My favorite was the "copier" that makes detailed plastic molds from whatever you place on the glass. That was loads of fun to watch.

Other than that, we wandered round downtown a bit and ate good food. The best part was escaping the house for a bit!

All right, I've bored myself with this. Now I really have to load the dishwasher, or activate GDNet+ memberships or follow up on email or something.






We got to play with the Robot last night, and he is a ton of fun! Thank goodness Kevin didn't have room in his luggage to get him home. I could be entertained for hours!
Not only that, he's a great bribe.
"If you get all of your homework done. . ."

Oh my I have a ton of work to do.




umm. . .my boring life?

You know your life is dull when you get a deep sense of satisfaction from getting a child to the orthodontist early in the morning and she's still on time for school.

The funny thing is, life doesn't FEEL very boring. In fact, it feels hectic and chaotic and full of tedious tasks like sitting in the waiting room at every doctor's office in the valley!

We just had our son screened for ADD. While visiting with the doctor, he was climbing around and under the table, humming, bouncing his foot. . . I think she just sent home the forms becasue it's customary, not because it's necessary for her to make the Dx.

Got Dave off to XGDX with a cool new toy, the RoboSapien. I didn't get to play with it, but it looked like a lot of fun. So, if you're at XGDX, go have a look and tell me what you think.

Since Dave's gone, I have to sleep while the kids are sleeping.




Another Day in the Life. . .

We were able to get a hold of Kevin today. He suffered the loss of a few trees, and his power. Hopefully, he'll be back online soon.

On Saturday, our son (3 years old) broke his femur going down a big inflatable slide. He now has a cast from his right ankle, up around his waist, and back down his left leg. They have to immoblize his knee, and both hips for him to heal correctly. It's the total pits for him.

On the up side, no vascular or nerve damage as far as they can tell, and they don't think they'll have to put any screws or plates in for it to heal correctly.

Well, he's yelling for me so I must go. He's going to be SO spoiled!




Just in case anyone was worried about me killing D

Looks like it's all smooth sailing again.

But I confess, I'm starting to be concerned about Kevin. Somehow, there is something sad about seeing the little red balloon next to his name in ICQ, and not knowing if he still has a home or not.

The last time I talked to him, he said it was really getting nasty out, but of course he would try to video for us!

I'm really trying to find more interesting things to write in this journal, but methinks I am the only non-gamer on this site. . .sorry!

My big excitement is playing Pyramids on Yahoo (at which I am quite good)




easy sailing

Why is it that the people who think a program or an activity are going smoothly are always the people who are looking in from the outside?
It never occurs to someone else the sheer volume of things that must be done on the business end when a new program is introduced. As long as the program itself is smooth, the customer service is someone else's headache.

And occassional nightmare.

For the next few days, I will be asking myself exactly why I said OK to this position, and why I haven't quit yet.

Dave and I will probably have another fight.

And then, hopefully, it will all blow over.




A long day. . .

Dave's been at SIGGRAPH all week, enjoying himslef immensely, but I'm quite ready for him to come home. I had to empty the garbage AND do the dishes, which is just a bit too much, if you ask me.

GDNet+ is going well. It's been smooth with only minimal concerns, which is always good. I wish I knew more about programming itself. It would be a lot easier to find answers. As it stands, if Dave is away, I have to call Kevin or Mike and have them do it. Someday, I'm going to have to learn. *sigh*

The A/C installers got here at 7:30 this morning. I thought that was very rude of them, as I am NOT a morning person. Of course, I will sleep in a nice cool house tonight, so I suppose some sacrifice is acceptable.

I need to go finish dishes so I can post more jobs. I hate dishes! PLEASE Dave, COME HOME!



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