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Introduction to Mastering MMORPG3

[font="Tahoma"][size="2"][size="3"][font="Tahoma"][size="2"][size="3"]New Member Intro and Request
Greetings all Gamedev.net members! This is my introduction to my blog, Mastering MMORPG[sup]3[/sup]. MMORPG[sup]3[/sup] is the initial title of my MMORPG that has three compound layers of interactivity for participants. Mastering MMORPG3 will help me integrate with the Gamedev.net members and resources so that I can begin devising the preliminary materials necessary for establishing the game on the Internet.

But I cannot do it without Gamedev.net's membership. Much of MMORPG[sup]3[/sup] territory is new to me. In addition, I still must learn more HTML, C++, and acknowledge what game-building software will be necessary for developing the Fantasy MMORPG.

With that in mind, any membership suggestions would be, deeply and affectionately, appreciated. This is because of my inability at gaining proper and substantial knowledge from Gamedev.net's resources. With sufficient suggestions, I can spend more time on topics in the archives that all ready cover much of the materials I will need for designing and understanding process activity.

I am spending some effort at writing an outline that will contain the elements of the MMORPG. These will be, eventually, posted here for membership referral--or the outlines will be available in share mode.[/font]



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