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I have absolutely no idea where I was going with this. I got canvas working, wrote some code..heck, even made a working level editor. (http://www.midnightfragfest.com/html5/worldedit/)

No ideas though...not one :/

Oh well, if i get bored I could always draw random plots of grass and dirt. For now though, project scrapped (like so many others). Time to grab a beer and listen to all the finest tunes from the final fantasy series played on piano and hope that inspiration strikes. (and this time maybe beyond "huh...I wonder if I could write a cheesy level editor in html5 + javascript")

it works :)

getting a hang of canvas finally, not much here but it does work (I'll post it up live once it's done, for now just screenshots)

Canvas based editor.

Had to use a bit of php trickery and hidden fields to get the save and load working, but they work. Can't really tell from the image but it accepts keyboard input as well, I'm not using static rooms, it can free-scroll, so the arrow keys scroll the level around.

Now I need something better than 3 colored squares for artwork :)
evidently redrawing a few thousand things at an attempted 60 fps is a bad idea currently.

Been kinda testing my limits while working on an editor. (figured If I'm going to make games in html5 + canvas...might as well make a level editor in html5 + canvas as well :) )

It's coming along nicely, I have to say the new html5 stuff is fairly powerful, you can get some pretty slick interfaces working very quickly. Gonna hold off on saying more for now though, got to finish testing and see if this will even work properly first.


Evidently if you don't update in a very long time you're a new journal again :)

...anyways...dunno what I'm planning to do with my old sidescroller code, maybe nothing, but for now I've been playing around with some html5 canvas stuff. Probably going to submit something at least for mozilla lab's "Game On" competition (https://gaming.mozillalabs.com/)

So far I've just started learning the interfaces, so all I've made is my standard "block breaker" game I always like to make when learning a new API :)

I'll post them up here once I upload stuff to my server.

why not...

You know...I pay for this thing, might as well use it.

Started dusting off some old code I haven't touched in years and cleaning it up a bit, not sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I can only write business software for so many months straight without going further insane. Anyways pretty much tore out all my input and entity code from my old platformer engine I was writing, removed the psp code (kinda gave up on psp development, 2 working games on it but it's just too @#%#@ hard to debug psp games on a psp 2000...they can't remote debug like the 1000's can)

links to old journal entries of the engine I'm talking about


wasn't happy with player physics and the like so all that's gone and being re-written...not sure on even what I'm making yet so we'll see what happens, I'd like to actually complete this into a full game though, took months to get it to how it was there and it's a bit depressing to think that my last game release was a tiny puzzle game I made in may 2008 (https://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=495571)

maybe I'll just crack open a bottle of rum and see what happens...

Another update to my editor, new features.

  • Onion skinning for previous/next frames

  • Ability to load, scale and position a background image as another onion skin layer, for tracing

  • cleaned up the drawing routine, draws to a wxImage now and only draws to screen once, much faster.

Download Now!

(note: the image in the background being used to trace is iris, from Atelier Iris 3)
Keep neglecting to update here as I've been more worried about getting my own site working again. (remember kids...don't drink and rm -rf...at least i keep backups). Been up for a few weeks now so I'll start crossposting to my journal here again.

Origional is of course at my website, http://www.midnightfragfest.com (my old site, www.raptor85.com now redirects here)

More updates on my sprite editor.

  • Increased Size of work area

  • Dynamicly scale grid instead of pre-set to different sizes

  • Ability to toggle grid on and off (for previews)

  • Much larger range of sizes (16x16 to 256x256)

  • Removed the ability to create non-square tiles, was more trouble than it was worth

  • Added the ability to flip the frame fully horizontally/vertically

  • Added the ability to import frames from 24 bit uncompressed bitmap files

  • Managed to cross compile it for win32 (requires wxwidgets to be installed!), It may not work correctly, I haven't really been able to test it

Download Now!

Disgaea 3.....

No updates on any of my psp stuff this week, unfortunately I learned Disgaea 3 was released and it now consumes the majority of my time at home :P (Blast you NIS for your awesome gameplay and funny storylines!) Dunno how that release slipped out without me knowing about it before! (probably good though, if I'd have known about it before the 12th my game engine would n't have been nearly as complete as it was)

the intro is great if you haven't seen it yet :P

I wish more games like this would come out, so many games being released lately have seemed more like tech demo's, super advanced 3d engines, 10 degrees of bloom, 20 concurrent lens flares, and a cheaply thrown together game system that's almost unplayable.

Oh, i haven't picked them up yet, figured after Disgaea I'll need to get SOMETHING done before going onto another game, but now that they aren't $40 i'll have to swing by and pick up a copy of R-Type command and Final Fantasy Tactics for my psp.

Might as well sum up games I've gotten so far in 2008:

Disgaea 3 [PS3]
Metal Gear Solid 4 [PS3]
patapon [PSP]

Locoroco [PSP]
Wild Arms XF [PSP]
Devil May Cry 4 [PS3]
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [PS3]
Super Puzzle Fighter II, Turbo HD Remix [PS3]
Echochrome [PS3/PSP]

.Hack/Infection [PS2]
Assassins Creed [PS3]
Grand Theft Auto 4 [PS3]
Skate [PS3]
Dragon Quest VIII [PS2] (Game itself is awesome, voice acting, which cannot be turned off, was horrible, managed to play it by completely turning the sound off and playing my own battle music from my computer)

Burnout Paradise [PS3]
Need for Speed Carbon [PS3]

Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath [PC]
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Shivering Isles [PC]
Spore Creature Creator [PC]

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [PSP]
">here .

Been a long time since i posted an update, but my PSP game engine is coming along nicely, though I've taken a little bit too long. There's no way I can have it 100% complete by September 12th to get it into QJ.net's summer coding contest, though I intend to just submit whatever i have.

Contest Link

Oh well though, I still have a working game engine for my PSP now :) Pretty much all that's left is some code cleanup, entity code, and making an "overworld" super mario world style.

oh, and before anyone asks, all graphics and sounds are merely placeholders, graphics i did myself quickly in the GIMP, sounds are from here http://www.freesound.org/packsViewSingle.php?id=1992
Finally got my engine up and running (still needs a lot of work but at least it plays now). Now I've got to get some decent artwork done so that I can take screenshots that contain a bit more than just ripped zelda sprites :) Hardest part for me really, just sitting down deciding what to draw...once I get something cool looking I'll be sure to post :)

DRM Rant

I posted this in response to a news item, but felt it was too good to just leave there. I really don't how some of these companies even keep developers on board, I'd be pissed if my employer started to publish all releases with ineffective, painfully annoying DRM.

begin post...


I think I officially bought my last pc game last week. Content protection has become so harsh that the first thing i need to do after I buy a game is find a crack site so I can actually play it...

Most recent annoyances:

1. Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath. Wouldn't even install, spent hours trying. (Yes I bought the game, straight from best buy, took it back and got another just to be sure). Kept complaining about invalid media. Finally found a way "around" that, and no, it was NOT worth it (not a very good expansion, for the most mediocre game in the C&C series, I think the copy protection was more advanced than the game was)

2. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Shivering Isles. Same, DVD refused to install, from what I gather online newer disks of oblivion itself do this too, but luckily I have an older version, so copying the data files from the disk into my install then activating them in the game worked :)

3. ANYTHING from steam. My internet is not very fast, so I have to keep steam offline. Even with games set to not update, they choose to do so anyways from time to time. I love when I try to launch portal and it decides I need 500 megs of patches before I can play. Whoever had the idea to require being logged into what is basically a online service to play single player games needs to be pummeled. (note: I know steam can be put in offline mode, but I play TFC sometimes, even still, the first time you launch steam after installing it REQUIRES full updates. Initial install to play portal took over a week for me, that one was worth it though.)

On the topic of the "super secureRom" it just sounds like an awful idea. With no guarantee that the remote server will stay around, what happens if, say, next year, since sales are low, they get rid of the activation server. Now suddenly everyone who paid for the game can no longer play it! 3 activations of the game? Oh good, now on top of that, even if the activation servers stay up, my game stops working after I re-install it a few times anyways.

Oh well, with the loads if indie talent around here and other sites I hang around, there's no shortage on refreshing, fun, NEW games with NEW ideas to play, that don't require the entering of a 50 digit set of key codes to play (I'm Looking at YOU EA!)

Seriously, what are these people thinking

Edit: oh, and all these games I just complained about, who's DRM schemes caused me hell and make me think twice about buying from these companies ever again...these games are cracked and downloadable in bittorrent anyways, sans annoying DRM. A lot of good all that protection did, painful installs, lost customer base, pissed off users, and still a pirated version available anyways.
[/end pissed off ex-EA customer rant]

PS. EA can blow me if they think I'm buying C&C, red alert 3 after seeing kane's wrath, I think the DRM took up more room than the data in this expansion....

In short. If you are in the games business, or trying to get in the games business, for the love of god, PLEASE fight back against this trend. Invasive DRM, phoning home, long CD keys, none of this stops piracy, there will always be workarounds, no matter what you do. DRM and copy protection only hurts one group, your paying customers.
After a few years of all application/web development I'm FINALLY getting back into independent game development. It pays well and all, but it's BORING. (edit: i meant the application development pays well and is boring, not the game development :P )

For those that don't know me, I work professionally for a contracting company on our local air force base doing application development and system support. (which is also unfortunately a reason you can't access many of the web-apps I've developed) I've also worked on the side freelance and made some decent money off of it, a few car payments and a new computer i custom built with nothing but top of the line parts. I offer custom software and web design services, and can provide examples if anyone is interested.

Anyways, expect to hear more from me soon.

-Nicholas Anton
yay! i got news worth of being posted, hurrah!

As for how it seems to detect jet3d as a potential viral threat, i think that's probably due to the vfs files the engine loads that are stored in the install package, we'll look into it, but i've been running it (easier to work on it that way) and it works fine.

Job switch

Start my new job tomorrow.

Big change going from working at a retail store for near minimum wage, and horrible hours, (not to mention the horror of working different hours each week, and not being able to plan anything do to the fact that you find out your schedule 2 days before you have to work it) to working for a contractor up on a military base. I particularly like two things, first, the fact that this new job pays as much daily as i made in a week with my old job, (who wouldn't like that?) and secondly, it's a job that will give me experiance with a company that actually does software engineering! Though my primary job is to work the repository, they did say that i would have chances to do smaller software projects for them. Finally, work experiance that's actually worth mentioning!

And as if that isn't enough, I get to work a steady schedule, same hours every day, and exactly 40 hours each pay period. Ahh, and i get a nice office to work in, no cubicles here :P

teh yays!

decided to go ahead and accept the SCM job. Though the hours or less, the hourly wage is greater, and more importantly, it's along my career path.

also, i have this odd urge to make a "blow up" demo, with lots of stuff blowing up, perhaps ill do it with jet3d after i finish my particle system....

well now....

Heck of a pickle, got one job offer i have for sure, if i accept it. It's a Configuration Management position, and i would love to take it. The problem is it's only 15 hours a week, and can only between the hours of 7-5. On next tuesday, i have a interview for another position, that pays a lot more, and is 40 hours a week, 9-5, but is NOT guaranteed. If i wait until tuesday, though it's unlikely it will be filled, the first position MAY fill. on the flip side, if i accept the first position now, the hours interfere, and i wouldn't be able to work the 40 hour a week one. (and the last thing i want on my resume is a job i worked for only 4 days :/) No matter which one i accept, i have to quit my current job due to hour conflicts also. (i hate my current job though, so that's no problem)

ANYWAYS, been working on a particle system in my spare time, whatever of that i have that is. Going to be part of the new Jet3d engine.
Well, i pay for it, might as well use it....

ANYWAYS, in case you dont know me, my real name is Nicholas Anton, and my avatar alone should be enough to tell how i got my username :P I live in Southern California, and am currently about halfway done with my CS degree in Software Engineering.

I'm not too much into video/computer games at the moment, not just making them, playing them even. I prefer to go out, take a drive, actually GO OUTDOORS. As for programming, I much prefer writing renderers, drivers, tools, graphics demos, shaders, etc to games. Don't ask why, i just have more fun with them.

I have one current project, Jet3d (http://www.jet3d.com) which is coming along quite nicely.

On a sidenote, im always on the lookout for short, <1 month contract work, so if you need anything, don't be shy :D My specialty area is Direct3D. (PAID work that is, gotta pay the bills you know)
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