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My MMO Screens

Here's a few screens for the game. I just added the ability to climb trees.




About my current game project

I'm working on an MMO like everyone else is these days... hey, don't roll your eyes! I'm not gonna go into all the details but it's a game based on pirating... not software pirates, but 17th century pirating... you know with peg legs, eye patches, fancy hats, etc.

It's going pretty good so far, right now I have it so players can log in to the game world... which is currently entirely composed of flat planes splatted with a few textures.
Players right now can perform a few basic attacks on each other and run around... how fun is that! Oh and there's a compass, isn't that nice?

The latest thing I've added is where players get teleported to the opposite side of the map when they cross the map boundary to get the effect of a round world... There's not gonna be any invisible walls, or edges of the world in my game! It's not totally finished, just a few small things to iron out.

The latest asset I've been working on is the game world itself, sculpted in 3D.

The vastness of the world isn't really captured here, but the world is 4,300 square kilometers... freaking beastly, that's a bout 166 times the size of Oblivion's map size. It's gonna take awhile to put in a lot of interesting areas, monsters, scenery etc.

Here it is along with some crappy coloring for the moment.

Well that's the basics of the game I'm working on, I'll cut this off now before it becomes a novel.



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