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Documenting the production of Math-Attack.

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Well it's been a while since I wrote last and I really have made a lot of progress both with the coding itself and the whole "thing" about the game. I have a grid of enemies displaying on screen and moving as one, I don't even want to begin to talk about how difficult that was, and I think I can start working on the collision detection for them all. My next two major issues would have to be making sure that the grid stays on screen and checking to see if all of the enemy ships have been destroyed. Once I've finished that, I'll be well on my way to a working prototype. Yay! Of course the closer I get to finishing the closer I get to working out how to include a random multiplication fact each time you hit an enemy. Looks like my next goal is learning how to draw message boxes. Until next time Adios, Sayonara, and Arivaderci. Oh and good bye.
Yes I began to work on the coding for Math-Attack today. I quickly found some errors but nothing so massive that it would ruin the project. Movement is going along nicely, drawing all sprites, but the bullet that the player's spacecraft fires, is going along nicely, and I think I can start working on collision detection before long. I've been dying for a chance to rectangle based collision detection and I get the feeling that this will be the perfect time. I really see no reason to use pixel perfect coll detection. The main problems I have with development right now are drawing the alien spacecraft sprites and setting up a method to contain the various options for the unlockable spacecraft. I was thinking about simply having it check if the player has reached a certain level and then unlocking new ships progressively like that, but I can't figure out how to make it save this progress. I suppose this means I'm going to have to start studying save game systems. I'm thinking I might use an array to draw the alien ships and then have them all inherit from an ALIEN class to make sure that they all have the same characteristics. The next time I write an entry I hope to have my sprites drawn and firing bullets, from there I can worry about the more complicated things.
I wrote the design documents for Math-Attack today and I was fairly pleased with how it turned out. It gave me a nice direction to start working in and helped me cement the ideas that were floating around randomly in my head. :P Other than that, I have started working on the sprites for Math-Attack, but I want to wait until I find out how many people donate before I finish them, and I am planning the psuedocode. For more information watch out for my project on 8-bit Funding.com and continue checking back here.
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