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Infrequent posting from a perpetual student

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Back from the dead

Just a quick post here. I miss GameDev, wish I had time to check in more often.

So, I just started what will hopefully be my final quarter at graduate school. I've finally picked a project, waiting to talk to my advisor so he can approve it but I'm sure it's a done deal. I'm going to develop a dynamic steadying algorithm for handheld cameras. It lets me put together my classwork on computer vision (structure from motion), robotic vision, parameter estimation, image processing. Feels like a winner.

I already have some data collected of different subjects filling a test pattern, and I plan to capture some video from Blair Witch Project to run the algorithm through as a "real world" scenario.

9 weeks left in the quarter, meaning maybe 7 in which to do this project. Crunch time.




Busy busy busy

It's been at least two weeks since I've checked in here. I've been slammed at work, but the project I'm on finally slipped its deadline, so I have a little breathing room now. This happens the day before I start back to class. Here's a link to my LJ post describing the class--AI fun!




Last quarter's project

Last quarter I took an image processing course. I formatted one part of the project into my livejournal. It probably would have been more appropriate to put here, but I hadn't started the journal here yet.




General Info About Me

Thanks for visiting!

I have an LJ here, where I muse about stuff in general. I post every several days there. I don't plan on posting much here--only with information and updates on my programming projects.

I came on board to GameDev while looking to learn more about MFC and STL due to work-related projects in multimedia. I work at an engineering firm, and at the time we were doing lots of stuff with sounds and visual representation of sound. I was in a team that did mostly Windows tools, plus some low-level hardware drivers.

I've switched positions at the company, and now 99% of my programming is in assembly on a DSP; this is why I've been so scarce lately.

However, I'm still a game hobbyist. I'm working on a board game in MFC--this board game is not my own idea, so I'm not publishing it. Rather, it's one of my father's favorite games, and I'm trying to simulate it as a surprise for him. I've actually been working on it for about 5 years. I'm hoping to be done by this Christmas, but we'll see. You can see the board game here. The game's actually playable from beginning to end; just working on UI and AI for computer players.

My main areas of expertise are C++, STL, large project management (i.e. encapsulation issues), MFC. I'm interested in learning about 3D programming and AI. I have a minor in computer science and bachelor's in electrical engineering from SDSU. I'm currently working on a master's in electrical engineering (focus on signal processing) at UCSD, and should be done this year.

I'm also a moderator here, sort of by accident. When they made the big push to include floating moderators, I was drafted; unbeknownst to me, some people suggested my name and Dave added me. I thought it was a mistake at first--suddenly my name was a different color. I figure I'll be the eternal floating mod, occasionally closing an obviously-bad thread and sometimes editting to correct formatting in the oddball post, but truthfully I don't do much. I think I stay below the radar, so as long as I don't abuse my powers (muah ah ahh) they let me have the nifty tag.

That's about all there is. I don't know if anyone will ever read this for any reason; I actually don't even know how these journal things work. If you stop by and read this entry, just leave a comment to say "hi", even if you hate my guts. Especially if you hate my guts. Just say, "Hi Stoffel, I hate your guts!" Then we'll know.



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