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About this blog

A collection of pieces on projects in progress or game-related fancies.

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Opening remarks

A couple points I'd like to make before we try to get on with this:

1. I am really bad at blogging, blagging, and keeping journals.
2. I am really bad at starting projects, getting through the fun bits, and moving on without finishing.
3. I am really bad at remembering what I was doing.

Keeping these in mind, it's probably no surprise that I have only the slightest glimmer of faith in myself at keeping up with this, but I'd like this to be my first step in attempting to get better. That being said, I primarily intend to use this journal as a record of my thoughts on current projects or just little things on the development side of the gaming fence. Here's to hoping this pans out.

Anyway, hi there. I'm Tychon, as you may have gathered, and this here is my development journal. My interests include long walks on hills, procedural content, artificial (questionable) intelligence, and languages--natural, artificial, and a few of my own devising. I've been fiddling with computers and how better to break them since youth and have had a stop-start relationship with writing things for them to do. My first encounter with code came from the back half of a copy of BYTE that gave the full code listing for a Lunar Lander type game for the Commodore 64 in all its 1 MHz glory. Since then I've had a fondness for making pretty colors show up on screens, though it wasn't until I started attending university that the interest was rekindled in me. It's been three years now, and a growing desire to both make games and improve my abilities has drawn me back to this site. Far too long since I sat down and worked through something in code that was more involved than a class project.

On with the show.



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