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a continous struggle between man and code

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Hey guys, been quite a while it seems!

I finished school for the year a few weeks back now so now I don't have the pressure of assignments and exams lurking in the back of my head. Unfortunately I have no motivation to do anything coding related, maybe deep down I enjoy the pressure of juggling a bunch of things at once? I'm not too sure. Anyway I've been searching through development blogs(here and on other sites) trying to find something to rejuvenate my spirit. No luck so far but I'm sure something will cross my path, usually does anyway.

Till next time readers,




Still Here...

Hey guys, been a lot longer than I'd like with posting a journal entry and unfortunately I have nothing to show for it either! School term is coming to an end and that means crunch time especially in my Stats and Data Structures/Algorithms class.

So yes there has been nothing going on in my Egyptian game which is quite discouraging. I really like sitting down and coding for a decent chunk of time, and large amounts of spare time are hard to come by so nothing has been updated since my last post coding-wise. However, I have decided to make an artistic change to my game. Originally I had gone with an old school pixel art style of graphics which I really like. The downside to this is I have little to no artistic vision and pixel art is extremely hard for me to do. That one character plus its simple animations took much longer than I'd care to admit. A couple days ago I was watching an interview from the creator of The Oatmeal comics and he had mentioned using Adobe for his drawings. This reminded me of high school where we used some adobe programs for our Graphics class and so I decided to give it a try and see what I could come up with. I'm really liking at the moment how Illustrator feels to me and I think I'll be much more productive in it than I was in Paint.net(Nothing against it at all, just preference). I have not made any content for my game yet, mostly just been fiddling around with the program but I do like how things are feeling and I'm pretty excited about it.

Back to the books though, just felt like I should post something while on a study break! For some reasons I really miss linear algebra right now, no idea why.





Apparently the professors at my university are going on strike this Wednesday if negotiations don't go well with the Admin. Doesn't affect me too much other than classes being pushed later into the year than usual to make up for canceled classes. I can't imagine how the people that are graduating this term are taking it though probably a bit more stressful for them!

I finished up the animation coding for my NPC so he now walks and faces in the proper direction as he moves about the screen. No screen shot today since it wont look any different to you than previous ones.

Short term goals are:
-Let the NPC move randomly about instead of following a set path
-Create a user controlled character
-Start dealing with Player-NPC interactions(Dialogue to start)

Thanks for reading





Not feeling to well today, so I ended up not going to school, fortunately was up to some coding every now and then so I have a small update for y'all:

As you can see there has been a couple changes to the UML model I originally was going with. For starters changed the name of AutoSprite to NPC, I also added a bunch of attributes and methods to the class as well. Coding this went pretty smoothly, Sprites can now be animated with spritesheets and now my NPC's move around on screen in a set path based on a text file that is loaded via LoadPath() method. Groundbreaking hey;)

Heres my little Egyptian towns person in all his pixel-ey glory. hes moving/animated you just can't tell from the screen shot

Next goals are:

- make more spritesheets for this guy ( he currently always faces forwards no matter which way hes moving) and update my code accordingly
- let them move randomly if need be, so they don't need to follow predetermined paths. Not sure how useful this will be to me but it can't hurt.
- start working on player controlled sprites

Thanks for reading,




The Wheels Start Turning

Hello again, So starting off with my new project, I decided what I needed first. Sprites being one of the most fundamental things with a game I decided to start with that. Thanks to XNA getting sprites onto the screen is pretty darn easy. Its been a while since I've done any programming in XNA and C# so I decided to go with UML class diagrams to do a quick 'sketch' of what I'll need for my sprite classes. I came up with this, which is really just what I remembered off the top of my head from reading tutorials/books on XNA:

Nothing fancy going on here, just a simple class diagram with my general non animated sprite class, and then an animated class that inherits from Sprite. I thought about this for a while but then I realized, whats the point, if I set the sprite sheet size too (1,1) then there wont be any animation occuring. So I decided to simply combine the two classes into one, and out lined two classes that will inherit from the 'new' Sprite: AutoSprite, which updates its movements and other shinanigans by itself, and UserSprite, which is controlled by the player. I ended up with this:

Again, I probably don't NEED to make UML class diagrams for this but hey its nice to start small and since I took a class on this kind of stuff last semester in school, might as well make use of it

Now I just got too actually code this stuff which shouldn't take too long at all!




Mid Term Woes

Hey guys!

Been busy since my last entry with studying/doing midterms for this semester. Between work and studying I have not had much time for to work on my new project I've had in my head for a little while now. Luckily however, I only have one more left, Ancient Roman Society, and unfortunately countless hours playing AC:Brotherhood has not given me too much of a leg up on the course material =P

As for my game idea that I alluded last post, my project will be centralized around ancient Egypt and their countless gods. I've always been fascinated by the subject so general research on the subject should be quiet interesting. I don't want to get too bogged down with all the planning and pre-development stuff, but you have to start somewhere.

Feedback is always nice, so if anyone have any good resources on ancient Egypt or just things about the subject you find fascinating let me know, might make for some interesting game elements or storyline.





I'm bacccckkkkkk

Hello GameDev community!

I'm sure you guys don't remember me to well but I'm back with a vengeance
Been busy with school so i decided to start fresh, removed old project files, re installed visual studios and XNA and I'm ready too go!

I just noticed the relatively new XNA workshop being done here and I'm definately going to be following that to brush up on my skills as it has been a little while since I coded in C# and XNA

I got a cool little idea cooking inside my head for a new game that I've been toying around with for a little while so I hope to let you guys in on it once its a little more fleshed out

ciao, till next time!



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