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Yay! SDL is morale boosting!

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So before my head hits the pillow, I want to show you guys the progress of my current game(which I intend to finish, really), it's programmed in C++ with SDL(which is much better than what I anticipated).

What I'm so proud of is that I have created a framework for future SDL projects as well as the game class all in one day(I have never worked with SDL before). Yohoo, now this has been a lovely day!

Here's the picture, I will post the story of my game some time later.

Thanks to both Sir Sapo and Stompy9999 for giving me great inspiration!

EDIT: Oh, my dad says that I have a spelling mistake there. Is it "A programmers artistic skilz" or "A programmers' artistic skilz"?
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Ah, working on a side scroller I see.

It's good that you now have some SDL base code to work with. Now you can focus on the important parts...like the game code.

It's looking good, keep it up.

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Looks good, SDL was my first C++ graphics lib, so it will always have a place in my heart....

Ah, If Mark wasn't constantly slapping me for trying to draw things, all my projects would have cool art like that[grin]

Keep up the good work!

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