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My body clock is going to kill me.

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It's 2:15am. I'm hunting around my room for last-minute items such as cufflinks and spare change. At some point I'll go to sleep; I will then be woken by my parents at 6:30am or thereabouts, and made to get ready to leave by 8:00am.

Airport check-in is at 9:00am (not sure where we fly from), and the flight leaves at 11:00am.

I don't know precisely how long the flight is... I've heard the number "9 hours" being bandied about, but from past experience, it was more like 11 hours. At the end of those 11 hours, I will be in San Fransisco.

I'm spending three days there, along with my family. A visit to Alcatraz is planned (cos I didn't get to go there last time), and apparently a friend of a friend is going to take us out on his boat, and we're going to do something relating to that.

At the end of the three days, I board a cruise liner, the Regal Princess, and commence a 10-day cruise up the west coast to Alaska and then back down again. Yes, I stop along the way. No, I hopefully won't get as seasick as I did last time (and end up staying in my cabin for most of the trip - though I did write a rather funky graphics library for mode 13h in the process, something which it turned out shared many design features with DirectDraw. [cool]) Yes, I am taking my laptop, though I think the battery in it only lasts 20 minutes these days.

Tomorrow's flight is going to be boo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oooring.

Internet access is sporadic at best - I'm assuming I won't get any netaccess, but if I'm lucky we'll find decent cybercafes in the places we stop at. Uh, not that those will be my first priority. Oh no. My first priority is to get laid. [rolleyes]
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lol, Yes, go get laid. Tell her youd rather get laid than write a graphics library, youll easily pull.

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