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programmer needs sleep

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I've been trying to clean up my code to my transform iterator adaptors to get up the quality to put in my code library. The theory is similar to boost::transform_iterator, except unlike boost::transform_iterator, my iterator class doesn't lie. boost::transform_iterator will often make claims via type traits about being a bidirectional or random access iterator even though it doesn't actually satisfy the requirements necessary to support the claim. This has caused some of my code to blow up unhappily before. This is something I can forgive since part of boost's goals is to point out deficiencies in the existing standard, like the iterator requirements, but it's still not something I feel comfortable using.

Instead of a boost's schizophrenic single transform iterator class that tries to be both an input and an output iterator at the same time depending on the template parameters, I have two transform iterator classes, one a input iterator and one an output iterator. This simplifies compiles (one of the goals for my code library) as well as making the output iterator behave more like I expect it to (compared to boost::transform_iterator).

There's also a schizophrenic single transform iterator class I might add that does many of the things I complain about with boost::transform_iterator, except I label mine with a big Unsafe in the class name, to remind myself that it lies when it claims to be a random access iterator. Oh, and it's behaviour when used as a output iterator also seems to be happier than boost's version. (Not happy, but happier.)

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