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Oh my... Overtime is a killer..

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I have been working pretty hard over the last couple of weeks on a Server that seems to have had a spike take down every component in it. The server still runs but I am unable to create RAID arrays in any way shape or form. I am still awaiting a replacement motherboard, but this has been far more trouble than I had anticipated. I have put in a fair bit of overtime including nights, mornings and saturdays to get something resembling the server together - and KEEP it together.

On the other hand I managed to get some time to myself yesterday and the day before. I managed to get some OpenAL with Ogg sample code up and running (after a fairly nasty problem with my alut.lib). So I now am looking at crossfading ogg streams now that I can mix them myself.

And thank god for being able to use two different ogg streams simultaneously! Thanks for NOTHING SDL_mixer.

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