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Rob Loach


Two new releases are on the .NET front:
  • SDL.NET 4.0.3-1 comes with a bunch of new stuff including some SurfaceControl fixes. I'm still not 100% confident with the SurfaceControl, but it is another step towards complete functionality. An example of using Tao.PhysFS for loading surfaces from zip files is now in there and I'm glad to report it works on Mono.
  • OdeDotNet 0.0.1 is finally out. This is the first public release and Terry and I hope it gets some attention in the (very small) community and builds up a small user-base.


I was picked up by the CeGui# team to help out with making it independant from both RealmForge and Axiom. This will be very neat as it'll eventually spawn other renderers, like Managed DirectX and Tao.OpenGl. So far, all that has happened has been the installation of the wiki and the forum. Still need to modify those a bit to make them functional.


I took out all of the game-related code from Gsl and moved it all into a script. So, now when you run Gsl, it reads an INI file and gets some information regarding the window size, caption, and the initialization script. It then runs the initialization script and away the engine goes. I'd really like to get CeGui# working with Gsl, but that won't be for a while. Expect a pong demo soon!

Original post by noaktree
Is there a way to make the objects interactive or execute scripts of there own?

I still haven't implemented collision detection (bounding box or otherwise). I'm planning on having the tile map make use of TileStudio's tile boundries for tile-based collisions. Since the scripting system is directly embeded into Gsl, a Gsl script can make a whole new scripting interface to compile different scripts or create new dynamic objects. All you have to do is (in the scripting language itself):
script = Script('myScript.boo')
script.Invoke("Main"); // Call Main method
someInstance = script.CreateInstance("SomeClass")
Original post by Mushu
does the text cursor blink?

Not right now, I just put it there so that I knew it was working. I could easily make it blink though, good idea. Once CeGui# is faily complete, I plan on using that for the in-game console.

Random Interest

AntiHoff 2005
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