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f&*$ing Headaches

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Yay for support Services. SO, I'm sitting here and I've been on hold with HP support services for the last twenty minutes. Last night, around 11pm the notebook I book I purchased about three weeks ago decided to take a dump on me. So, I spent about two hours messing with it today finally figuring out it was the harddrive. Now this computer was sold to me from a reseller, but luckily, it's still under the manufacturers warranty. I hope that covers my harddrive. I'm also thankful that at this point I've simply used it as an interface to my development machine so I could go throughout the rest of the house and outside, so there wasn't really any vital information on it. Then again, I did spend about a week getting all the programs that I wanted installed, and the settings correct. I guess it's life though. I'm just really hoping the warranty covers the harddrive.

I've been kind of lazy lately as far as development goes. I've been playing games and essentially haven't worked on my engine or any game design for a little over a week. I have however been dealing with court issues with my son, working full time, and doing the school thing full time, so playing games has helped me relax alittle bit. Schools being a big shitfest today too. Group projects are always fun....especially when people don't take the time to ask questions when they don't understand stuff. Once again these are common problems in life.

It's now been about thirty minutes I've been on hold, and this waiting music is driving me crazy. I know on the other line there are service reps sipping coffee and tossing a koosh ball back and forth laughing at the blinking lights and saying "He'll hang up soon." But the jokes on them. I'll never hang up. Eventually, their supervisor will come back from snuffing his secretary in the womens bathroom, and see these guys slacking off too, and then they'll have to answer my call... I hope... I pray.. Why can't they play some classical music, or some jazz for waiting. Instead they play two songs in constant rotation. One a spanish sounding samba, the other plays a quater of a different samba and then it cuts back to the same one again, as if the different one they started to play didn't exist. I wonder if their support guys are on hold with their waiting music tek support system trying to solve the waiting music loop, and so on and so forth..


It's now been forty five minutes, and we're on loop 10 of the same damn song. If ever there was someone who wanted to put a bullet in my head, please do it now. I wonder, is this turtore really worth the seventy dollars I could shell out for a new harddrive??

The thing about that is though, that the Evo N610c is natorious for killing harddrives because of the heat they produce, so .. if I don't get a new harddrive under warranty , and this one dies in say six months I'd be screwed out of a hundred and forty dollars. Where as if I can atleast get one replaced for free, then that's money saved.. but at what price. My sanity is pressing against these hallow walls as I type.

I wonder if this is the kind of torture captured soldiers have to endure.

Fifty minutes on hold. 24 hour support my ass, more like one hour support. Unless of course they mean you have to wait 24 hours for support, then that would be accurate. I wish this phone had speaker so I didn't have to hold it up to my ear this entire time.

A cool thing though about this whole situation, is I'm using it to get familiar with linux by just using my laptop with a live cd until I get the harddrive issue resolved. I've been thinking about going over to linux for years, but I've never really been truly inclined to make the switch. Maybe I'll decide too after this experience. I'm currently using Morpix Linux's live cd, an older version that is two years old. I just downloaded the newest version, but I haven't taken the time to burn the iso yet.

I still on hold. And they are still playing the same damn loop.
They really don't want to keep people on hold, err.. they really don't want to have to help people.

I have a feeling I'll be waiting a lot longer, so I'm going to end this journal entry now, so you guys don't have to suffer like I am. Pray for me, and any one who has to endure such nonsense.
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