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I'm converting previously rendered bitmap animations to .avi files for flash. It's really boring and I'm having a hard time getting through it. The process is rather tedious since I'm building these by hand, frame by frame.

When I made the last version of this game I wrote a simple tool to process the animation artwork using Visual Basic 6. VB 6 stopped working right on my machine a long time ago. Perhaps I should look into getting C# or VB.Net for rapid tool development. Oh what the heck... I could probably whip up a command line tool in C++ easy enough. More later...
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Flash does recognize sequences of bitmaps and will import 'em en masse.

For example, if you import bitmap000.bmp and it sees other bitmapXXX.bmp files, it'll pop up a box asking if you wanna import the whole mess.

And it'll place each bitmap on its own frame. Works fine over here. That's how I've been placing all of my game animations.

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Thanks for the tip John. The problem is that there are many animations in a single image file which need to be cropped out first.

I'm allmost done with a tool to do this automatically.

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