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here is a nice piece of art that will be used in project2, all I can say about it, is that it's a small scale reactor that produces heat which is converted into electricity to power ancient devices.

the little rods to the left are the 'fuel', which is inert until it contacts with the panels in the chamber, then it releases an intense heat and eventually burns off cleanly.

isn't science fiction great?

(only have the evaluation version of the render where I made this, excuse the lines ;D)
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Welcome to about 200 year ago.
This kind of reactor was discovered in 1822 (the thermoelectric effect). It is in use in space probes for about 30 years now.

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awesome, all the better =)

well it's being used in project2 =D

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Looks cool :) Guess I will have to wait a while in order to see the game's progress. Really love how your doing the billboard graphics with 3d landscape....was thinking of something similar a few months back.

But your doing a way better job then I would have done.

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