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Late Night Progress

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~3:30 am CST
- Hacked a little at the threaded texture loader. Images loaded before the threaded pre-loading completes will now return a plain white texture, which is replaced when the loading thread returns. The old behavior was to try and load the texture blockingly, which caused it to be accessed twice; slowing the process considerably.

~3:30 pm CST
- Created a little class to display Memory Usage. Default update every 20 seconds, does humanizing (300k rather than 300,000 bytes) up to MB. It just uses GC.GetTotalMemory(false).
- Created a little class to display Frames per sec. It just adds an int each render(), and if the local timer hits 1s it updates the text and resets.
- Created a TiedRect class, which allows different renderables to keep their position relative to others. (yes yes, I know there's better ways...)
- Added a Debugging cmdset for the console group, and placed show_mem_usage, hide_mem_usage, showfps, and hidefps.

All mostly useless, but they really seem to make the thing seem a bit more slick.

~6:00 pm CST
- Created a PipeCursor | for textinput fields. Yes, it blinks.
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