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Allright, game progress is going slow...

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...apart from the fact that I have written two new classes: "GenericPlayer" being the abstract base class for the "Player" class(and the "NPC" class later on).

I have some problems with animation though, right now the player sprite doesn't move more than 20 px/buttonpress, and if I hold the button down then nothing happens(it only moves 20px/button press so I need to press it again in order to move it, so I need some help with that).

Here is a screeny as it is 00:20 PM New York time, the player image at the bottom is the image that the player controls, while the one higher up is a test("std::vector activeobjects" [grin], my render function loops through all of the objects contained in that vector and renders it, works nice.):

As you can see I have yet to implement a clear screen function(Using the appropriate SDL function). Hold on a sec...



Not OO coded but I will do that tomorrow. I need some sleep [smile]

Hope you like it!
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