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Blog #1

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This would be my first ever entry in my first ever blog. Thought it would be a good idear to keep track of my experiences and share them with the world. Not that I think the world cares really.

Anyways, I guess it would be a good time to explain what I hope to achieve through this log, and perhaps life as a whole.

Simple enough, this blog will be a history of my attempts to become part of the game development industry. It will be a discussion about the new things I've learned, people I've met, and code I've written. It most probably also be a self indulging, yet whimsical look into the life of someone that you would probably prefer not to know.

Now.. something about myself...

I am (at this point in time) a 26 year old male who lives in Canberra, Australia. My main career goal is, and always has been, to either work in the game development industry, or prefferably own a game development company (you have to have dreams).

To this end, I have done several thing that may or may not help me get there; I have completed a Bachelor of Computer Science degree, I have worked in the "Real World" for some, and I have commenced (but not completed) an amiture-quasi-professional-type game.

Not much really in the scheme of things, but more than some.

As a result of my past achievements, I had recently (about 3 months ago) applied for a position at one of the local game development companies. I recently (last week), got a call back for an interview with them, and went to that interview today.

Things did not go as miserably as you would expect, and I came away with plenty more to think about. It turns out that they liked some parts of my submission (the affore mentioned amiture-quasi-professional type game), including the detail level of the design document, and the sample particle effects tool that I included. I guess they liked it well enough to call me, and there I was in an interview.

I kind of went into the interview with the knowledge that it wasn't going to be possible to take the job if they offered it to me. Had it been 3 months ago, there wouldn't have been a problem, but I have more financial commitments at the moment. Wrong timing.

Anyway, things went well in the interview they asked about my previous experience, they wanted to know about team experience (I have very little), they wanted to know why I wore a tie to a game development interview. In all it was a pretty posetive experience, I would have qualified for a junior developer possition that they had going, only problem was that the position that they could offer me would not pay enough at this point in time (they may have had other problems, but if they did, they didnt tell me).

So, we parted ways. Me without a gamedev job, them without a new programmer. It was all good, they suggested that I put another application through in 12 months or so, so they didn't hate me. With their help, I decided to continue on my path and get some more experience in the mean time.

So, hear we are. The first step towards a better game programmer. What better way of keeping my motivation up than to let everyone know what kind of an ass I really am. I have decided on the following goals over the next 12 months:

1) Write a blog every week. That way, everyone knows when I've been slacking.

2) Get a team togeather. I have been very lacking in my team experience of late (not sure about team skills though). So it would be good to have a little more experience here.

3) Make a kick ass game in 12 months on a shoestring budget. Ok, a little harder. Luckly, I'd settle with an ass of a game in 12 months on a shoestring budget.

so the race begins...
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Recommended Comments

Let me say...Welcome to Journal land! here be some + [smile]

Very good first entry and your goals sound good...good luck with them and we hope to see some odd picture now and again to liven up your journal!...ok, you don't really need to...

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Thanks for the ++ :)

Absolutely, pictures will come... eventually... when I find someone who draws better than my pre-school caveman drawings :)

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Pie++ for ya, and welcome on the dark side of our moon! [smile]

As a side note: 12 monthes to do a game is correct. The goal is to find a cool enough concept and to polish the final game. Games don't have to be very complex to be catchy!


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Nice to see another Aussie journal! Are you presently living in Canberra or Sydney though?

I too once wanted to work in the Aussie computer game industry (and actually did as a junior programmer for a short while), but now I'm torn between either working in academia or striking it out as an indie developer. Best of luck with your game, and your dreams of starting your own business (Australia always could use a few more game development houses [grin]).

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Definately living in Canberra now, moved here recently. Profile updated.

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Canberra? OMG.. I lived there up until last year. Nobody from GameDev lived in Canberra while I was there, or at least not anyone active on GameDev.

Such a shame that I now live in Toowoomba (Queensland).

Anyway, welcome to the wonderful land of blog

And as a suggestion, why GET A TEAM TOGETHER and not JOIN A TEAM? ;)

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Welcome, your first entry was a treat, I look forward to hearing more of your adventures!

Unless you are packing serious brass and have a big time surplus i'd advise against trying to form your own team. The horrible truth is that everyone wants to lead and nobody wants to follow, which is a horrible way of seeing it because indie games are all about pulling together... Anyway, you get my drift.

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When it comes to the decision between "Making a team" and "Joining a team", it really boils down to one main point. I value personal contact.

Basically what I am trying to say, is that I would like to have the ability to be able to meet with the people that I am working with in person. If I was able to find a local team looking for a programmer, I would definitely consider joining.

I don't mind traveling to meet people, I frequently make the 3hr trip to Sydney anyway. I also don’t need to work on top of them, these days weekly meetings are not a must to get the job done.

This is where being in Australia comes into play. Unfortunately, the cost of traveling pretty much anywhere outside of the country is too expensive to consider viable. This would quite probably be different if I was based in the UK or USA, as there are relatively larger numbers of people who frequent the various forums, and run such projects.

Unfortunately, the "Help Wanted" forum will not help me here, nor will many of the other online collaboration forums.

Also, I guess that I am somewhat of a masochist. I like making things harder for myself.

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Well I know of one collaborative project that is happening with some members in Australia. One member is in Brisbane, another in Sydney, and the rest are overseas (between US, Canada and Europe - though I am not sure exactly who these members are).

I am sure there are other collaborative projects within the Sydney area. The Canberra area has always appeared fairly quiet on the GameDev front. Unfortunately in Australia most of the development seems to be down Melbourne way, though there are some studios up in Brisbane too.

About the only thing that Canberra has to offer Game Development is the AIE.

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