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In case any of you find yourself my current proverbial pair of shoes of searching for a game job out here in the Wild East, take heed. After putting my resume up on various resume-put-up sites, I get a call from an HR staffer at Comsys, inquiring into my experience with C++ and DirectX. I replied enthusiatically, not having much luck as of late in the "getting interviews" department. We traded back and forth info on my credentials and set up a phone interview time for Friday, 1 PM. It's only after I hang up that I realize, in my haste, I forgot to inquire as to the job description.

Friday comes and goes with nary a cute ringtone from my cell phone. At this point, I'm wary but still desperate, so I call Comsys back, inquiring into the lack of interviewing and knowing what the job is and all that. Call back comes a few days later. Oh, I'm sorry, we meant to reschedule you for Monday as it works out better for our interviewers. We'll also send you an e-mail concerning the job description. Does that work for me? Sure, my steady diet of Chipotle and Coke is draining my bank account slowly but surely. I'll tag along a little longer.

The sun rises and sets on Monday; no interview, no e-mail. My crisp professional persona and witty but appropiately demure interview quips are collecting dust. I decide, out of morbid curiosity, to call back Comsys again to get some explanation. Oh, the interviewers totally forgot! We're so sorry! Is Wednesday, 1 PM OK with you? Sure, lady.

At this point, I've written off the company as a joke. Even if I did get hired by them (eventually), the thought that future business matters like, I don't know, my paycheck would be treated with such obliviousness freaks me out. I guess the lesson here don't trust companies that call you out of the blue after trudging your CV out of the millions on a resume website. I'll keep you informed if this third proto-interview comes to pass...

On a lighter note, I've taken that first tentative step into the realm of "I think I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing...sort of" by authoring what I believe to be a Gamedev article. The article provides and discusses a windowing class that I use regularly which encapsulates much of the perenially reused Windows code into nice, neat methods. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from the journal reading community (since you're reading stuff anyway) on my nascent article and/or the corresponding code. Thanks a whole bunch!
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