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Another productive day

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Evil Steve


TEH SERVER!!1 can now cope with selecting, creating, and deleting user characters. I did a bit of tweaking to some other things too, but the main thing is that I can now use my test program to select a character. I should have put that code into the login server, now I think about it. Damn. Oh well, that gives me something to do tomorrow.

After I fix my design error, I'll get started on some fake game messages. I'll tidy my code up a bit, and add a main loop where the test app will wait a random length of time, and send random messages. Some messages will get sent to another player (chat messages), and some messages will get sent to all players in the same "zone". There'll also be messages for moving between zones.

Ideally, I'll be able to have hundreds of these clients running on one machine. I'll look at making a threaded version that'll spawn between 25 and 100 threads and have each one doing its own thing. The thread switching will probably become a bottleneck, but it enough people stress test this, it should be fine.

I'd also like to do some profiling, but I'll wait till everything else is done, then run several test apps on my hope PCs and laptops, and see what I get out of it. That reminds me, I need to install DevPartner Profiler on VC2005 (Or attempt to)...

I anticipate 3 days work to get everything into a testable state. Hopefully [smile]
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