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Enough to show off

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Okay, there's enough of Shi Sen now to make it playable. I'm still a few days from it being a daily puzzle, but you can now check it out.


The rules are fairly simple. There are four of each tile (standard Mah Jongg). The object is to clear as many tiles as possible. You can clear a tile if another tile can be reached using two or fewer turns to touch it without crossing over another tile.

To remove a tile that can be cleared, click the tile then click its mate. If a tile can be removed, crudely-drawn arrows will appear showing that they're two or fewer turns apart.

Easiest place to start is by clicking around the outside edge.

To do:

- The arrows need to be redrawn (obviously).

- New tile icons if I can find some or contract someone to draw 'em. The current set is okay, but it's just the set from my old standalone game with a little aliasing around the edges.

- Something to bitch at you that the game is over if you can no longer make a match. I might not do this, as being able to see matches and continue the game is part of the challenge. I might just have a "give up and enter my name" button that you press if you get as far as you can without clearing the board.

- Time and score display.

- All the networking stuff.

The last two are pretty-much monkey-work.

Anyway, lemme know what you think.
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There's already a feature that shows valid moves (the arrows), so technically, if one wants to find out if any moves are left, one just has to systematically click every tile once and see if any valid moves appear. It's a time waster, but it doesn't take long (I just tried it to see). I'm not sure if this is an argument for or against having a "there are no moves left" message, but it came to mind.

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This reminds me of Glinx.

A much harder version of Glinx.

Glinx is essentially the same thing, played on a square board with colored gems; the gems roughly match up to Mah Jongg tiles, except without the numbers, so there's less variety. As the levels get higher, more gems are introduced.

Also, you can make a glinx chain using more than just 2 gems, which makes it a little tricky because you can clear 3 gems out of 4, and make the game impossible to solve.

You should try it; I was addicted to Glinx for about 3 months. :)

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