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More progress

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Just another quick update:

The top half of the table is something I put together BEFORE I started my 4x4-downsampling based optimizations. For anyone not familiar with profiling and optimizing this is a pretty crucial step [wink]

On paper the optimization should have improved performance, but I needed to make sure of this. With proper statistical information about the program before I got started it meant that I could later go back and run a comparison and know exactly how much difference I made.

The bottom line in the table indicates red for an area thats worse afterwards and green for areas that have improved.

Curiously the parts I intended to improve appear to be SLOWER (the "star filter" and "cross filter" columns) but the overall frame rate has gone up by 7.

I'd like to drill into that in more detail to work out why it's appeared that way, but I don't have time. The fact that it's working faster is all that matters really [grin]

I found out today that Erik Reinhard is giving a guest lecture at my university on Friday morning. That is, one of the researchers behind the paper that all my HDRI work is based on. Gonna be interesting to see what he's got to say [grin]
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white one green isn't that good, I have to turn my contrast all the way down to read it, other than that no real comment aside from a pat on the back.

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I'll see about changing the white-on-green thing. It looked okay(ish) before the JPEG compression got it's hand on it [headshake]


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That's actually really, really, REALLY weird that the cross/star filter numbers went up. Are you sure that everything's good in your program?

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Nope, I'm not sure everything's good [lol]

The general optimization does make some of the pixel shaders more "heavy weight" (4x as many tex2D's for example) but it now operates on only 25% of the number of pixels it did before. Effectively nothing more than a trade off: More Work + Less Pixels > Less Work = More Pixels [smile]

I'll look into it later.


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Cool, Erik is such a funny guy. Great to hear that his book is already widespread in the game developer community.

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