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Glutton for punishment

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So if it wasn't already apparent that I am far too busy for my own good, I have gone and put myself right into it even more: I have enrolled back at university with a goal to finishing the degree I started 6 years ago.

If it weren't already enough that I work full time and am studying for my MCSE's, I am now going to have to study full time (fortunately I am an external student so I just have to complete assessment in my own time) as well as I have on my plate the game demo that I have been working on.

So when it comes down to it I have been more than a little stretched, and something is going to have to give. It will more than likely have to be the Game Demo (again) that is put to the back of the pile until I can conjure up some extra time. *sigh*. Here we go again!
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